My money

I was playing on my original profile and earned couple bucks from practice matches. During two separate occasions the game crashed in a money game and took the money with it


  • Hi @Kenema09,

    You'l need to submit a support request to Skillz using the steps shown in this FAQ:

    Could you also let me know what version of the game, your iPhone type and iOS version you had some crashes with? We're very keen to know if anyone is having crashing issues - we'd do our best to fix any problems.

  • Every time I start to play the game shuts off I've tried all the things I have read and it still continues to happen and I made a ten dollar deposit how do I get that back if I can't play?? I have an iPhone 4 but I have had no problem with any other games
  • Hey @Bunny13,

    I'm sorry you're having this issue.

    Have you recently updated to iOS 9.2? It seems a few players are having issues after updating.

    Some users have had success by uninstalling and reinstalling our game - could you try that?

    Please let me know how you get on.

  • I'm trying to add $10 on my account and it's saying they my card is already associated with a different account. I used a different card and it worked. I KNOW there is cash on that card to. Plz fix that...
  • Hi @MrCleene,

    Could you please submit a support request to Skillz for this? They handle all accounts and cash parts of the game.

    The best way is to email

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