Mid level Tournaments and 3 player, winner take all contests

So how about it @larku, think we can make this happens? The tourneys $2.54 and $33 something. How about a $10 tourney based on the $2.54 model. Also, 3 player st8 pool winner takes all for $6. ($6.09 in bowlIng) takes $15. Would be great. :)
a mid level tourney and 3 player winner take all contests?
  1. Would you like to see a mid level ($10) entry fee tourney similar to the $2.54 tourney and 3 player 3 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No, I like it like it is.


  • Thanks for the suggestions - we're trying to get the wager amounts right, so this is great feedback, I'll forward this on to Skillz.

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