The different pool sticks

I've sharing on Facebook but I still can't get the other pool sticks how do I get them tired of the same 1st one please help


  • Hi @ronaldwhitmore,

    Once unlocked the cues are available from the cue/balls dialog by pressing the cue/balls button in-game.

    There's a lot of cues already unlocked - any you unlock will be there also.


  • I haven't had mine unlocked
  • You should unlock mine I've post 30 times
  • Cuz I want them and i won' the game posted it and it didn't unlock look into it please I love you
  • Hey @thejoku,

    Are you sure they're not unlocked? Check the cues and balls button in-game. The prompt on the main screen (when you first open the app) does not relate to what's been unlocked.

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