No internet conection

I can't play the game because it keeps telling me I have no internet connection. Which I do. I have wifi with full signal!


  • i can't play i have internet connection
  • Keep getting no internet signal- and I do have internet working fine. What's up with that?
  • I've been playing this since for 2 days then suddenly no Internet connection? My internet is fine and Skillz are enabled so what's wrong?
  • Hey @louie73,

    Are you still having issues? this could have been a Skillz server issue.

  • I'm getting a message that I have no internet connection when my internet is working just fine. WhT should I do?
  • I too am getting the no internet connection message yet I can play other skillz games with no problem. What's the fix?
  • Hey @pacmedcio,

    That's very strange - could you please submit a support request to Skillz on and they should be able to help you out.

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