How can i move the white Ball for the Break // What is with the cues?

1. How can i move the white for the break on the white line???? I Seen that alot times from challangers...but i cant do that.

2. I got a few cues on my iPhone for posting some achievements. But i cant use them on my iPad ? Why that?


  • Hi @aboutriot,

    1) To move the white/cue ball just hold your finger/press on the ball for about 1-2 seconds then you can drag the ball around. The topdown view can make positioning the ball easier in some cases.

    2) Unfortunately the unlocked cues are only saved to the device on which they are unlocked - we will extend this soon to 'roam' between all of your devices.

  • should publish this in your instructions! :-) hard to find out..

    thx for the good and fast support from u!
  • Hi @aboutriot,

    We agree that the user help/guides/tutorials need improvement - we are looking for ways to improve this.

    Thanks for the feedback - we appreciate all feedback.

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