Won 400$ but account suspended without any explanation

I started playing a two weeks ago.i play snooker professionally so i was good in this so i earned good money.But suddenly one day message started appearing that your account has been suspended without any notification or any message that what went wrong.People around me making fun of me that we told you these games on phone sucks.They do not pay they just take your money.Because i was telling my other friends too who plays with me snooker.So here i am now.if there was something wrong i did not i get my money even which i deposited.Feeling like looted


  • Hey @raghuvirthakur,

    Please submit a support request to support@skillz.com and they'll be able to help you out.

  • name2401
  • Hi I would like to know how to play for real money. If anyone would or could help me that would be great!!
  • Do you know if cash play is available in your area?

    Best way to find out is to shoot an email to support@skillz.com.

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