I need help! Can anyone help me

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Hi ! My name is Mathew I really need support from anyone please help. I have account with skillz and I play real money pool with deposit in a lots time and also lost all my money for same stupid problem and skillz support department is ignoring me and they block my email that's why no matter what email I've sent they all return to me. Due to my abusive language I've used before when I email them, but now I know I was wrong and sincerely want apologize to them but I can't. Now I play real money pool even if I scored more than my opponents still later on the result came out either I aborted or scored only 1 point and is not only happened one time. So no matter how much I deposit in I win and later on I became lost because of that problem. Lots of time and I want to contact skillz support department but unsuccessful because they block my email. Please anyone can help me contact skillz support department and let them know I really am sincerely apologize and I won't using abusive language to them anymore. Please can anyone help me out I'm so sincerely and grateful thank you for your kindness


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