Mathew Tran

Hi my name is Mathew truong and my username is XxghettobluezxX for all the Skillz games. But I play real money pool more than any other game. This is my third time today contacting you guy but still I got no reply or help for the matching ID above. The first one is 126411572 first I click on play and it said play now we're finding your opponent and I scored 18 on that one and then later on the result came I scored 0. Ok then I tried to contact and contact no one reply then I play again the second one today matching ID 126594553 I play and scored 15 and later result came out I scored only 1 point. Now you tell me am I support to be mad and fucking curse or not. I tried not to but no one ever fucking reply to my fucking need support when I deposit in this account play and lost for fucking stupid ridiculous problem over and over again without any help from your fucking people. Really you not reply this time I'm gonna sue your ass I really fucking mean it


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    Realmoneypool guys can't help you on the money side of things, that's Skillz's department. Fire them a mail at They have never refused a refund due to me.
  • Well I'm a bit pissed off with Skillz too. I live in a big ass city in Southern California, I have fantastic cell service with AT&T and also my home Wi-Fi network is spot on perfect. I'm constantly using Speedtest and logging results. If it were possible to say more than 9 out of 10 times I am up at or past 133 MB per second download speed and 50-60 MB upload and this is with my cell data. wifi is actually slower but 40 and 50's. Anyway I don't control networks and I certainly don't control anything about the game but when you're in the middle of playing and then boom all of a sudden it kicks you back to the title screen, can you go looking for that game again. So when it says at the title screen "enter match ID" and you do so, I hope you're not thinking you're going to get back to this game because you're certainly not! The game is tilted and it's a crock of shit. Bet 12 to win 20... like it's already tilted in their favor but asking for refunds on these types of outcomes get you your refund in the beginning just by simply copying match I'd and pasting it in a support ticket. however now they want to send a freaking crash report every single time?? Again, crock of shit
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