Player skill ranking formula

How is a players skill determined. Is it by how much they win or how many wins-losses? For example, are five $3 games equal to one $15 game, or are they equal? It's probably more complex than this but I was curious because I play the same people over and over and see tons of names on the leaderboard.


  • Hey @B_Dirty,

    The skill ranking formula is "Skillz secret sauce" :) and is not something they divulge (so I have no idea). This is a good thing since it reduces any players ability to "game the system" and take advantage of other players.

    I have in the past enquired about this but it's something that even we game developers are not privy to.

    I wish I had some details I could share, but I'm just as curios as you :)

  • It's a bit flawed. I'll be 120th and end up playing a match against the 3rd ranked player. I average around 60th or so.
  • I'd give ya a very small hint but that's something I don't want spreading, as I mentioned it's flawed. It's purpose is very dependent on people NOT having 2 accounts, which, is technically not allowed. I used to love reading about people with 2 accounts not getting their winnings and faning ignorance. Lol.
    If you'd like to get a general idea, note your ranking and who you play at the time. Your ranking is based primarily, and I'm only saying this because it's so very obvious, your winnings. I want to know how some people make $2500+ when you'd have to repeatedly win all (at least 37+) the big 4 player tournies as well as $20 games. With wins of $8. I've stopped worrying about it and I'm slowly getting to the hanging even or $20 deposits every 2 weeks or so.
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