How do I get other pool sticks

Pool stick the flowiing one


  • Hey @ronaldwhitmore,

    There are a few different cue you can collect and they are available by pressing the cue/balls button while in game. For each of the "collectable" the cue selection windows (when you press the cues/balls button) has some details on how to earn each cue.

    All the country flag cues are already unlocked and available for all users.

    The remainder require you do social share specific achievements. To do this, ensure you're logged into your social account (facebook/twitter/etc) by clicking it's icon on the games first screen (the one that shows when the game is first launched). Once you're logged in if you achieve any of the goals listed in the cue window you will be prompted to share your achievement, doing so unlocks said cue.

    Once it's unlocked it will be available via the cues/balls window in game.

    I hope that helps.

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