Robbed again

I really am loosing my patience with this. Sooooo many times I get to round 4 with a chance to win $15 and THEN, and only THEN, the program fails, shows I'm playing, which I'm not, obviously. And I lose that chance. This is 4 times already. I thought things were fixed, I was wrong, and oh yeah @SKILLZ where's my VIP kit? 9 weeks plus. You have to give players a second chance to enter a game they were booted out of. It wouldn't hurt anyone, if there's an abort, give the option to play it again!!! So sick of this sight. Made another deposit and same results. Not I'm going to take out my aggravation on st8 pool. Cheaters.
Kalmdown Keith Rosko


  • Hey @chaos626,

    Very annoying sorry, I really hope our next release doesn't give you the same problems!

    I totally get your frustration, it's not fun to play like that. :(

  • Thanks for the kind words. I will be avenged, lol. I played a bowling match and won 50k tickets. No tickets so far. I don't know. Gonna kick some but. Be well @Larku.
  • Hey @chaos626,

    Ha!, keep 'em honest @chaos626 - you're well within your rights to pursue what's been promised to you! I would!

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