VIP kit and match numbers/codes

Hey @Larku, first of all, great work, program is running smooth. What are match code? Also, I've send Skillz several messages and haven't gotten an answer. I'm supposed to get a VIP kit in the mail, whatever it is. 9 weeks now, no kit. Makes me nervous about my potential withdrawals. Hope your well,


  • It's codes, and "sent" lol
  • Hey @chaos626, that's fantastic that it's running smooth for you now! Phew! :)

    Match codes are for invite matches, if you're ever given one enter it in there :)

  • Was running smooth. Only fails in crucial last round matches
  • @Larku, I wouldn't bother you with this but I get nothing back from Skillz. I did get an email a while ago saying, oops it looks like you didn't get a Skillz VIP package, via mail.
    I don't know what it is, but it would be nice to get it. I forget how long I've been VIP, about 4 months = 17 weeks. Scares me if I can ever get to the point of a withdrawal.
  • How do you get or send a match code? I'd imagine it would be for 2 acquaintances to ply hints each other?
  • Hey @chaos626,

    I'm pretty sure that the match codes are for accessing invite only games.
  • How do you invite players or obtain invite only games? It would be nice to send out challenges.
  • Hey @chaos626,

    I'm really not sure, skillz will be able to answer that one.

    I'll check with them next meeting.

  • Thank you @larku and again, GREAT work on the game and the handoff to Skillz.
  • Thanks @chaos626,

    I hope you're still enjoying the game!

  • To be honest, I stepped away for a bit because of some severely bad matching. I'm out of practice, have only played a bit but end up against someone who scores 56 lmao. But I'm about to deposit and give it another go
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