apple users given more advantage than android users in the leagues?

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I was thinking, since Android users are only limited to straight pool and speed pool while IOS users have it all. It means they have wide range of choices than android users therefore more chances of being on top.

So what is it that IOS has that Android doesn't?

Is this part of of promoting Apple?

Just curious


  • The REAL Problem is the ranking system.

    Only beginners can play for the league...
    "pros" cant find enough opponents.
  • I don't get it, so IOS players can't be matched against Android players? I thought Android has got more users than IOS ?
  • Hey @motlatsi,

    Unfortunately the Skillz turn based functionality that we require for 8/9 ball is not yet supported on Andorid - as soon as it's available we'll offer 8/9 ball on Android also.

    iOS and Android players do compete, it's a cross platform solution.

    aboutriot1 is referring to the matching system that matches players based on skills. Aboutriot1 is suggesting that pool of low skilled players is larger than the pool of high skilled players.

  • Thanks for making things clear but hey we are waiting impatiently for those two
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    I play since a few months again the same 5-10 players.
    The rewardsystem, the rankingsystem - everything is just shit.

  • @aboutriot1 - you're just too good :)
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    lol to good?

    in 8ball is it barely impossible to earn money just from playing, because the luckfactor is tooooo high and to finish the table is too easy.
    i could only earn money with the league...
    BUT this is the problem...the league is only for the beginners.
    "Pros" cant earn money because the ranking- matchingsystem.
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    they changed the matchingsystem, they changed the rankingsystem.
    Realmoneypool is now dead for pros.
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    im sad about that...but it is the true!
  • Hey @aboutriot1,

    Re the luckfactor, by this I expect you're referring to the chance of potting a ball on the break (and then the chance of running the table after). This is a hard one to address due to:

    1) Our (custom) physics engine only has 1 capability, that is to run a simulation of colliding balls on a table. We never treat any collision different from any other (ie, it's a real simulation), there are no rules, no logic. Just 15 spheres and 6 pockets and a bunch of rails. We don't influence any result in any way - we keep it as neutral as possible.

    2) *IF* we could influence the chances of sinking a ball on the break (which we don't), what would be better, always sinking a ball? never sinking a ball? or 50/50 ? Regardless of option chosen, the advantage/disadvantage just moves from one player to the other. I firmly believe the 100% natural simulation approach is the only fair implementation.

    I'm going to bring the matching issues again with skillz. Only the same 5-10 players given the size of our player pool now doesn't sound right.

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    @aboutriot1, note too that expert mode is going to address this - the chance of running the table in expert mode is a LOT less.
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    i think i playd in the last 6 month again maybe 10 different players.
    and i know these players since one year...i win roundabout 50% of my games.
    ...sometimes is there a new opponent, but only for 1-2 games.
    alot good players have ceased the game...
    im sure for the same reasons.

  • @aboutriot1, I understand. It's not what we want either.
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