Cleared Ram by not allowing any background apps while playing.

I also reduced game quality/ detail to 2. Not that the game has ever had issues running, just crashing while winning. I'll report back on this new thread @Larku thanks for your help. Not being a phone, without Facebook, Twitter, etc running in background. This should allow all RAM to be free and available to Skillz pool. Hehe. I'm simplifying our communication by starting this new thread and keeping communication/ problem solving to only this thread. What is the difference if a listed past game has a blue window or white?


  • How much ram does this app need to run before Apple iOS kills it? Also, why would the iOS kill it at completion of a game. Normally, use of too much ram causes a crash "in game". I.e. When it requires larger memory for user/ program interaction. So that's 3 questions, this and the blue screen/ white screen difference. Lmk when you can. As for the screen asking for my phone number immediately, it's a concern, hopefully not a hack. Thanks @larku
  • I meant more memory for the game while played.
  • So far so good @larku. Still no SKILLZ VIP package in the mail. And what are match codes? It would also be cool to play friends if I could get them to join. No more negative press from me. Let's make pool great again! ;) @skillz I still need to know what the phone number thing was about.
  • Hey @chao626,

    Apple do not give details about how the OS decides what to kill. The idea is that "typical" apps just have to expect this at any time and handle it appropriately. Obviously a game is a special case (not easy to "handle being killed instantly"). As a cash playing game there are hard constraints we need to consider to not make it easy to cheaters. Additional fault tolerance *could* make fooling the system easier (pure speculation).

    I do zero allocation during game so it'd be very unlikely (or impossible) to run out of memory once the game starts (you're at the table and can shoot). We're actually pretty light on ram during game play. We're constrained more by the GPU abilities than anything else.

    The most dangerous and resource intensive bits for us are nearly always when handing control between ourselves and Skill and is where issues are likely to show. They must do allocation at that point to do their work.

  • Agreed. Like I've mentioned, never had a crash mid game. I found specs on the internet where someone measured all of apples devices and it showed a list from ipad1 to iPhone 7 as to what Apple will allow. Which is why I was wondering how much ram the game generally needs. Regardless. It runs smooth, the handoff is the issue. The other one is not being able to use the side bar options without an eventual crash. I.e. Retrieving trophies. The other games I can. I can access those on my android however so no worries. Like I mentioned, the idea moving forward is just playing small and seeing how it goes. My strike lasted 24 hours, lol. Thanks again
  • Unlock my.l Cues I did the post stuff
  • Hey @thejoku,

    A single post will suffice :) I read all messages here.

    See my other reply in one of your other posts.

  • Oh so just clear the cash why did I think of that oh I did try again
  • Dude unluck the fucking cues this is your fuck up not mine take fine fuckkng pride I.n youfapp
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    Hey @thejoku,

    Please don't be abusive. Getting abusive is no way to get what you want.

    Like I mentioned in one of your other threads, your cues are most likely unlocked already. Which cues do you believe should be unlocked that aren't? There are a lot of cues that can be unlocked and each of them requires a different task/event etc.

    Before I can unlock any of your cues I'd need to know a number of things - and you'd need to reply to my posts when I reply. What cues are you referring to? How have you established that they're not unlocked?

    There are a lot of cues already unlocked by default, have you found them?

    What is your Skillz username and I'll verify for you which are unlocked.

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