Why was I asked for my phone number suddenly and why was I switched to chaos626 on the boards????

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Don't you guys try that 2 account crap. You shoved a bit this morning, do something useful please so later, after I've been running around rest of my day I can win 66% to stick around until you guys fall. And sudden phone number need and then posting it, thank god, in a chat room no one knows we have. I'll give out 1 number but, gotta run. When someone does something to complete the love making with pool like you did with bowling and then stopped, because that generates hundreds, thousands, a minute? PUT THE POT DOWN AND THE BALISCHNICOUGHS AND..........RELAX......BREATHE IN.......OUT.......YOGA GENTLEMEN. The blonde with the .60 cent accent seems hot. So funny. I don't get mad over slamming my finger with a hammer, or losing $100s, it's that $6.58. I will not only win 10 times that tonight, but cost ya a player a week with the truth. Other boards though. Larku is left to do everything, if all the sites went down you'd all fart 20 minutes later before being able to think about getting up...!!!!! So which non touchable country are u guys at when not burying money...I meant buying software improvements on your side? Tap Tap Tap Tap.
Hehehe. Change my name back, I have to go. (Sorry Larku) It's the little things. It's principal and respect. Minimum, conscious?? These guys shoot down food aid for refugees BEFORE it gets in the truck, F the plane. See ya play az. love SkillZ. Who hoo.
K, Big K. DISCLAIMER - everything meant in gest
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