Ok, I just provided both my phone numbers. I was on an old thread as my original name, same account

suddenly I was asked for both my numbers. No call what is going on? The Russian mob on their way to my place? Hehe. Not right to demand phone numbers IMMEDIATELY AND NOT do anything.


  • And next thing I know, they are posted for everyone to see on a chat area as person after person was added. @Larku I removed them immediately. This is obviously a new thing/ mistake or I was just maliciously set up. Any idea, please inform when possible.
  • @chaos626, I have no idea - where did all this happen? Here in this forum?
  • Yup, Activity page. Which I didn't go to, I have no idea why and if it's Skillz, I don't care, I found it. Just a lot going on this morning . Checking system again
  • No prob. Thank you. Once I got them off, it wasn't a priority. Was all weird all happened around 7:40/ 7:50 EST
  • The warnings concern one company sneaking their stuff in hidden with the other companies code, etc They don't know if it's malicious or they didn't want to pay Apple. I have to run around. Had to say something to let ya know because the main 3rd party developers are either illegal gambling programs, not a lot, or legal crooked skill games ; ).
    Ok ok and maybe Word doc.programs. I need my name switched back. It also would not let any posts come in, one person was in the chat room I didn't even know existed. All I'm thinking is here come the counter strikes. Oh, and I watch streaming HD movies on this, no other programs act quite like, or with the IMPECABLE timing of Skillz. Also, so far, nothing is obsolete or incompatible with my ibook2. ; ) the warning happened while I was in the forum. Name changed back so they can say I have 2 accounts now. Lol.
  • When not busy Larku, when we discussed system capabilities of my iPad 2. It's not the slim or the mini. It's the 512mb yes but DDR2 1066 MHz ram Apple A5 chip tablet CPU. Not obsolete, upgraded last August,,I remembered it being hot. still sells for $200 and if an A5 512 DDR2 1066 MHz Apple 5, can't run pool, as great as your pool is AND Skillz then Skillz isn't running on IPhone 7s" at optimum, oh, I did say dual core processor, phones don't have them? Nope forgot that, anyway, to bust cookies @Larku, they lunched spaceships with the A5 processor, yup lunched, so powerful it ATE THE SHIPS and told "Dave" to F off in the beginning Of the movie. not obsolete with the last upgrade 8 months ago. Still sell for $200+ The iPhone 6, but with more memory, same ram. And wonderful size. CONCLUSION,! Who hoo, Skillz sucks. They're so done they actually have Coleco vision quality Air hockey, and about 15 other games NOBODY plays. Solitare u can get a .60 match. I know ya get ure paycheck from Vladimir Klitsko but, you deserve and will be picked up next day as soon as SKILLZ falls. They do enough to survive, they're pissing off enough to drop us back to leaderboards of 63 and I hope it's a contract because they don't do their part.
    Thanks again Larku, in advance . I'll work for ya, hehe, they auto replie, 2 day actual reply without reading request, then the 3 day sit and spin..... Lol. Sad. I gotta stop. Gotta go lol
  • Hey @chaos626,

    Yeah, the issue is the 512mb ram, the processor is just fine.

    Do you experience the same issues on your newer device?
  • Yup. Same issues. 8-2 against as far as the situations. I don't buy 80% against. @larku, bowling has 2 thousand plus. Pool, a few hundred. They are off shore, no service number. Extorted my phone number by demanding it for security, yet They already had it I thought.
    . I haven't gotten a call. Up to you if you want to share but guessing game created in Europe? No worries there, how do I know my money isn't going to Isis? SKILLZ won't give a country, never the less a phone number. I'm wondering where this money is going? Wondering why SKILLZ demanded my contact number and then no contact. LOVE no direct customer service. Noticed on friends device many of my posts are, well, hard to find....I don't even have to click post, it's recorded every minute. Even what you erase. LMAO.
  • It's ok @larku, I want ya to succeed. Don't worry about my issues. And, it's 512mb DD ram, so equal to a gig. If I can stream movies without buffering while running other apps. Or run apps and download movies while using them with no issue,....... It's a pool game. Not tons of data. Well, yes a lot, but not enough to not run on a piece of equipment than runs Zenpinball, never buffered HBO HD, YouTube, first person shooters. Etc. just IMHO.
  • Oh, and many games I deleted to try to make this run better in between rounds that were very HD first person. (Just to not feel stupid, knowing all along) Remember, it's Skillz programming in between matches. And your right. Because, they control that. It's ok, just playing low stakes until things on their side improve. Hehe.
  • No problem with game play. The 512mb Ddram won't prevent a game running smooth. But again, no worries. Don't sweat it. I watch four windows of video on this thing.
  • Sorry DDR2 meaning? :)
  • The ram would affect game play, not a simple window, show matching opponents, or allow proceeding forward into a game, or simple lowish res Windows out of a match, that's like saying the 512 won't allow a deposit to them, lol. Its the same as a gig.. Thanks Larku!
  • Hey @chaos626,

    "DD" (double density) in ram refers to compactness of the chips on the ram chip and we've only got 512MB to play with.

    The ram issue will never effect smoothness or performance - they'd be effected by CPU/GPU capabilities.

    The issue that a low amount of ram causes is that we must squeeze all the technology that's being used into ram to function. These things include (but are not limited to): Game Engine, Game Code, Game Assets (sounds, models, etc), Textures (the graphic images), Social SDKs, Skillz SDKs, ..... and the list goes on and on and on. Now within each of these SDKs there's other dependencies, which include more..

    Modern software stacks take liberties with ram usage these days since most modern devices have significantly more ram.

    The issue we're seeing is that all the things above need to request and "allocate" memory for their use. Loading a simple window *could* (I don't know what it does) create a network connection and read a bunch of encrypted data, create (allocate more memory) some object to decrypt some data, get a result, load some images (allocate more memory), perform some anti-cheat checks (allocate more memory), etc, etc. in 512MB it seems this is becoming a challenge. on iOS the OS manages task lifetimes. If a task is consuming too much memory it can choose to terminate it (this *could* be happening). This is all speculation, I'm just giving general idea.

    What seems like a simple window has any amount of background processing occurring.

    We're always looking for ways to improve our "memory footprint" but we're fighting upgrades/updates that are always forced upon us and we need to squeeze somewhere else :).

  • I hear ya Larku. It's a good breakdown on how it all works, however, with the game running smoothly, that should include starting games, I.e. Entry screen to game itself and, just once, happen during a loss. Lmao. I Considered quitting the game, deleted it, but I'm going to play a bit more, small money, of course, and see where it goes. How much ram does an iPhone 5, 6. Or even 7 have? Regardless, all my games turned blue,completed ones, which I'm wondering about. I'm about to make a small deposit and play here and there, low stakes. My problem with the crashes is, it ONLY happens in a win. It has never, never , happened in a loss. That's my main (makes ya wonder) issue. There is a lot of talk about bots. That I don't really believe. Been around too long. I'm going to quietly play, keep track of issues, and play as though I'm paying to play. That's again.
  • Hey @chaos626,

    iPhone 5 & 6 has 1GB of ram, iPhone 7 has 2GB.

    Crashing on a win only is indicative of a possibility you mentioned elsewhere. That is, it could be on allocation of the the win effects (coins, sounds, etc). It's information I'm passing to the Skillz engineers.

  • Never said you weren't a brilliant engineer. /:)
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