I provided my phone number, both actually as IMMEDIATELY requested. What's going on?

Giving them a second benefit of the doubt, however, if they ban me.......just proves I am right. I'm trying to delete old posts when I didn't know who @Larku was and I thought things were on him and he was banker not the designer of the "gameplay". He didn't deserve my criticism. If Skillz is making something up to ban me, so be it.
Will Skillz ban me, warn me, or ? I've made my point. I don't need pictures anymore, no one left to convince but I did want to get the truth. Mostly to learn a lesson. Deeply enjoyed this game thanks to @Larku.

So good bye all if they ban and keep my little bankroll, never even received the VIP package they promise in the mail. Been well over 6 weeks. I have deposited $500-600. Minimum. It was a blast in the games.

Sometimes I have been wrong here. Sometimes dead on, sometimes over opinionated. Always, however, from the heart with a passion for the best, most fun, accurate, and great experience.

Play for the experience, consider the loses payment for a game that shouldn't be free.

@larku who requested my phone numbers immediately and why? Any idea?


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    Hey @chao626,

    Just catching up on all your posts - what's this phone numbers stuff? I have no idea what you're referring to?

    Did Skillz contact you asking for phone numbers?
  • Yes, they did. In the forum. A window popped up and asked for it "immediately" so that I could be contacted. Provided it and found it in the "activity" section. For all to see. I never even visited the activity section. It was strange.
  • Never visited the activity section prior I should say. I literally waited by my phone for a bit.
    Also @larku, I want to feel comfortable playing and paying. Can I at least get information on the country Skillz operates out of? I know a support number or address would be ridiculous to expect. Winks.
  • Hey @chao626,

    Skillz have nothing to do with this forum. This is 100% run by our team here. This forum NEVER asks for anything like that - sounds very bizarre. Could it have been a popup from a different webpage?

    We don't have any advertising or 3rd party addons here, so I'm not sure we'd even have the capability to make such a thing happen.

  • Your guess is mine but the window looked like those associated with the site completely. Otherwise I wouldn't have entered them. Can messages be sent in the activity section? Otherwise. One crash last night but that was in bowling, pre-game, which is wierd. That's the one game I've never had an issue. Haven't checked it they gave me the refund yet but most likely they did. Well, the good thing is the numbers were listed on the activity forum which I was able to erase immediately. No harm done I don't think.
  • Hmm, very strange. I'll go digging through the activity logs to see if I can see anything suspicious.

    Note. we have no interest in collecting anyone's phone numbers, so if it was our system, it's safe anyway, we'd never even look at them and certainly not let other's have access.

  • It's ok, I doubt anyone saw it as I deleted them as soon as they were posted on the activity page. I don't mind SKLLZ having my phone number. I just don't want our little world having it, lol.
  • If it was 3rd party, they had your windows down to the T. Looked exactly like a Skillz window. It's ok. Overwith
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