Robbed twice in 2 days! Have proof! Want to see if Skillz does the right thing.

@Larku, we've had our differences but I'm still here, a loyal player, gave almost $500 to get to the point I can break even or lose a few bucks, make a few but I PLAY A TON OF GAMES. That's profit everytime I play. I just submitted a pic of after I hit "PLAY THE FINAL ROUND", a pic(screenshot) of a MINUTE later. (You can see it in the pic, the change of time. Then? After running through 3 rounds with 28,27,29 I get the dreaded ABORTED and robbed of $11. That's $17 I've lost from bugs in 2 days! If they send me an email that says, we've refunded your entry fee, I will take $2 out of my pocket, burn them, and video it with the aborted screenshots and the PROOF that it got hung up and I didn't get my chance to beat a guy I beat regularly. This all started to get worse after 8-ball and 9-ball, which I love, came back. Wondering if these guys are going to do what's right and credit me $11 on top of the $4 for the win I was robbed out of today. Yesterday I let go, said, eh, first time I've scored 48 and should've finished 4th on the shootout for $7 win and game crashes after the share screen. Then disappears. Like I didn't spend 20 minutes sinking 48 friggin balls. They can check their system, instead I get the .99 cents back. I'm almost done with this site now. I can't keep getting robbed like this. So glad I took the screenshots. -Kalmdown (is not calm this morning)!


  • Hey @chaos626,

    I totally understand your grievance here and I feel your frustration.

    The best action to take is to stress this to Skillz support such that they are both aware of the issue (first hand from players) and can sort it effectively for you.

    Unfortunately we only have access and control over the game aspects of the game. If I could do more for you I would.

    What device and OS version are you using again?
  • iPad, newest upgrade. No issues with any other game, I stream movies in HD, play first person shooters with ridiculous graphics. Take beautiful photos, do photo, video, and music editing on it. It's your software I'm sorry to say. Going to tell you how to fix it shortly. No matter what Skillz does, I'm still going to tell you guys what to tell the programmers to put in (a patch) and fix this bug. So simple too. That's if Skillz f's me or not, for the players and Larku's Lamborghini. Hehe.
  • Oh, btw, this iPad is the same as the one I described. Forgot to mention, I don't use third party software on my main one. Apple software doesn't fail. I have 2. This one is gaming, out of the house to the beach iPad. The other is try to produce unshitty music, video, etc.
  • I'm rooting for the people at skills to impress me today and take care of something I have photos of fairly. I am. I want to post, hey all, Skillz made it right. Good company, bad software maintainance. (The difference between the amount of bowling players and pool players is, from what I've seen, around 1000 daily players to 160 here.). @Larku one of these days explain how Skillz works for us. Confused how none of the games are connected or owned by the same people. Licensing?
  • Hey @chaos626,

    I am the lead programmer for this game. Remember our game software is totally separate from the Skillz software we integrate. It's technically impossible for me to fix those errors - we have no access to their software.

    Which iPad model?
  • Ahhhh, you did the gameplay and physics etc?
  • If so, who did you use to integrate the money system, match IDs, pairing, etc. or, did you oversee the ENTIRE game? Have you ever seen a game disappear completely?
  • I meant, you were the lead programmer but have others who wrote, what are they called again? Still modules? I haven't programmed since C++ and virtual basic came out
  • Here's an example. 2 hours after I got arse fudged entering the final match and blackscreen, I opened the game and again, it shows I "Won" $4. Again, 2 hours later. The crash after I shot 38 in the timed .99 cent tourney, THAT was a brand new kind of crash.
  • My father was a computer engineer. I always had one growing up. First was Atari, not the game systems like the 2600 5400 or 7800, the CPU. Oh Atari 800xl. I was programming at ten years old. No friends. Lol. Now I can't get my phone to ring for a text and it just decided to bring back contacts I deleted 5 years ago. So your offshore, Bahamas, somewhere like that. ; ) with a great product, partnered with Skillz, which is why they a-f people. Waiting..... : ). Hoping the ol poker game loophole remains in most states and spreads. Then you can go to capital one bank. Lmao. Joking. I'll leave you to the bugz. If it helps, I've found its better to rush through closing the end of the game Windows. Less chance of a crash. starting games, they usually end up not starting, back to main screen, money still their. It's sometimes between shots in 9-ball etc. and 20% or so more likely to crash and a - f ya end of game if you don't maneuver through the windows. Can you disable the sharing screen? Make it a button on the win screen. Remove slot machine that's new, and your narrowing it down. It'll come to me..... or you, lol more likely.
  • The problem is the integration at the end of games, between games, hmmmm. Your turning letters green on me? Lol. It's obvious that when the game makes a change Skillz needs to store. Their software is mostly accounting. The bug from the ST8 pool .99 wasn't a bug. Skillz cut off anyone playing past the time being up. I played 20 minutes, 3 minutes past deadline, you guys were getting in 3 tourneys. Ok so Skillz, not you are responsible for the first $7. Second issue, could that be as simple as the time given for the game to load and then when it's up, it didn't know where to go. That could be a simple but common glitch when updating software. You should dump Skillz. They don't advertise or attract players to your sight. This game deserves better. Except yesterday. Good luck Larku.
  • Hey @chaos626,

    Yes I implement the physics and the game play, etc. But the remainder of what you see (the communications with skillz, the cash side of things, the lobby UI, etc is all out of our control, this is all within Skillz software).

    I can't speak for what the Skillz software does (in reference to your suggestions), and I don't want to speculate on any design decisions made with regards to this especially as I'm not aware of the requirements they need to meet.

    I could imagine though that there would be some contention between doing as you've said and making it easy for players to cheat (those with the technical ability to take advantage of such a setup).

    Things are *always* more complicated than they seem and there is nearly always a rational reason why things don't work as you'd expect (though most likely not obvious).

    The sharing screen (the one you see "in-game") is not the issue, that's firmly in our control and is rock solid. This issues you're seeing is happening during the hand-over back to Skillz or while Skillz is submitting/processing the results.

    Likewise, I grew up with Atari 2600, Commodore Vic 20, C64, TRS-80, C128, Amiga, etc - programming was my childhood too :)

    I totally agree about the deadline for tournaments, these should certainly be "Entry time" not completion time or it's too confusing. I'll be bringing this up with Skillz.

    While Skillz have their issues (all companies do), they are the best around (Devil you know, and all that) and they will solve these issues.

    I suspect the main issue you're seeing is caused by resource contention (out of memory event or similar) since the iPad2 is a very old device (in terms of Apple hardware) and has very poor CPU and GPU (in today's standards). Its biggest issue is that it only has 512MB ram and an a5 processor - its the same specs as an iPhone 4s, but with a much larger screen resolution to push (ie, needs more memory for graphic textures).

    Apple has stopped support for these devices (they don't get any system updates any more, iOS 9.x was the last to support these devices). I expect we'll have to drop support soon too. They are VERY difficult to develop for when using modern tools.

    As developers we have to upgrade our tool set (development and run-time environments ) to maintain compatibility with newer devices etc, this bring with it the burden of keeping things working on older devices. The iPad 2 is at the end of its life for modern games. We are often forced to upgrade lots of software to conform to Apple's app store requirements, so it's not something we can work-around.

    To compound these issues, our game is essentially 2 apps in 1, that is, we have to handle the resource costs of both our game *and* the Skillz software, hence we end up needing almost twice the RAM of a typical game. We do everything we can to mitigate this issue, but it seems it's suffering on some old devices.

    These are not excuses, I'm simply giving you the facts so you can understand that we're doing what we can where we can and somethings are just not working well on older devices.

    We still take responsibility for the crashes you're seeing (we have to, it's our game), but at the same time we can only fix the things we have control over (I'd love to just dive in and fix things - that's what I do :) ) but that's technically impractical :(

  • The story of the player with proof and the company who just doesn't care.
    Episode V : SKILLS GETS YOUR MONEY. KNOWING the death star was still blanking screens, swallowing winnings, and using drones. One brave man not used to being single this long made an $11 bet that SKILLZ would not, despite the cigar (screenshots), Monica and Bill, release $11 of its millions to show player loyalty. No bribe needed. It happened, simply admit your error, provide the deserved $11, the cigar and Monica fade away, and SKILLZ gets a positive review about integrity, from one VIP player VIP and A good write up on the forum.....for showing they were correcting their wrong, and players meant more than $11 (actually $8.45). After all, the proof was indisputable. Instead, Kalmdown, Chaos626 at one time) loses his hand($8.45), but comes face to face with Larku-Oda and begins his knowledge of the force.

    @Larku, as I told you, I absolutely know it had NOTHING to do with the game design because guess what? Games don't freeze before the 9 ball goes in the pocket, it's like you said, when it is handed back to Skillz.
    $11 or INTEGRITY and ACCOUNTABILITY when confronted with A PROBLEM THEY WERE PROVEN RESPONSIBLE for. With TRUE PROOF presented to them. THEY made their choice.
    They don't care, I do believe outcomes are manipulated and matches as well to keep players winning 50% and depositing. SOME insiders at the top to control money flow, etc. ALTHOUGH I HAVE NO PROOF OF THAT. I HAVE PROOF OF THE ONLY ONE THING NEEDED TO JUDGE A COMPANIES COMITTMENT TO PLAYERS. None of us matter to them, I was cheated and they ignored the proof they asked me to get, SCREENSHOTS CLEAR AS DAY OF A GLITCH, DELAY, OR SABOTAGE of 1 of 2 contest/ tourney entries. PROOF STIFFER THAN HILLARYS GRANNY PANTIES..........they, and it's a very educated guess, are offshore, and laughing to the bank or under the microscope and saving for retirement. Mob related, offshore gambling scam sites with an attempt to get into legitimized, skill wagering. Less profitable for now.
    I'm sad this, mark my words, could destroy possible legitimate and legal, regulated online poker and sport betting across the U.S.

    As for my device, it is old, however, it is the 10 inch 30 GB big daddy version. I don't only play on this one as I have a smaller but newer iPad as well. I basically cleared everything off the 10 inch that I don't use and I run Zen Pinball2 in HD with no problem. I assure you, processing speed is not the issue.
    I've been throwing a big point into this that some seem to miss at Skillz. This, was a test of a companies commitment to its players. Not a small start up, a company that made 1/2 a million in its first 2 weeks after launch. They have mostly lousy games, few players at some, if any at all and, I've watched not only myself, but others have it happen. Device isn't the issue. I just beat Darth Vader in pinball. just FYI, lol. ZP2 Hoping zen2 doesn't bother with SKILLZ. The money was not an issue. I was testing integrity. It's not there.
    A few months ago I was looking up this company to see if it was associated with a bigger one or openly traded. I knew, if handled right, THIS COMPANY, SKILLZ was the future of skilled games for money online. I know now it is not. I'm glad I've come to know you as a great guy. I'm sure you were smart enough to maintain complete or majority ownership in a FLAWLESS game with physics I haven't seen elsewhere besides Zen Pinball
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