.99 cent contest. Problem. MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE BY ENDING TIME.!

In the .99 cent daily contest I entered with 16 minutes left. Scored 38. I finished 3 minutes after deadline to enter. I got the congratulations that score will be hard to beat screen, would you like to share. I hit NO. Then it said "oops, looks like something went wrong" it eliminated my game COMLETELY. No record of it at all. My score was good enough for 4th place and $7. I was refunded .99. If your ending time means "make sure you finish by that time", then TELL us. Highly disappointed. Support was no help.


  • Hey @chaos626,

    Sorry to hear you had issues there. I'll bring this issue up with Skillz.

  • Guess what? It just happened in the finals of the $2.54 shootout. I was averaging 28 a round. I have screen shots of how it aborted my match. If customer service doesn't take the $4 back and award me $15 I'm off this site and believe me, I will have plenty to say about it. This is RIDICULOUS. The dude shot a 9! Wish I could post the screenshots here.
  • I sent the screenshots. On the top is where the iPad shows the time. It locked up for 3 minutes and aborted me and I'm so sick of "GETTING my entry fee back when I'm about to win 60% more or in these cases, tournies, Here's $2.45 for your trouble. We see you averaged 28 through 3 rounds and would have very very likely beat the 9 but oh well for you. Take that $11 loss and the $7 loss yesterday and having to go up against a system where you have to win 66% of your games to break even. I've been frustrated at how Skillz has handled these aborted matches. If they make this right, and I submitted pics remember, I'll stay. If not I'll be playing the free tables once in a while and bringing up the issues everywhere. If I'm deleted here, I'll post on every site I can. I've played over 800 games. Deposited $500. And the greedy bastards give ya .99 cents back after the shootout doesn't register your game where you shot 48 and finished highest yet. Ya know when I'm playing, what do ya think I was doing for that 20 minutes as my fingers sunk balls. Start believing your VIP players guys. We're your core base, we recommend the game. (Which I've done to 5 people and 2 now play it.) I didn't even use my "code". I sent more business your way. We tell you when things are right, wrong, take it in the poop shoot occasionally, most people NEVER withdraw. The top 3-5 every week. They make the money. With aborted games and having to go on 8 game runs to actually make money then lose it again getting matched against the #1 guy when your 60 something, lmao. True story. And then, the crashes when you win or are ahead. I have yet to have a game crash for the other guy. Wait, sorry, it's happened twice, three times. I'm honest all. So pounded with snow what do you think my stupid ass will do today? Deposit with no chance to win now. $17 in 2 days. Playing $4.80 games. Winning $3.20 here and there and being good enough to stay even. Then get robbed. This time, no more refund. Not if you want to keep me. I want the extra $11 I would have won!!! My IPad NEVER has problems with software unless the software has problems. Simple fix guys, I'm going to tell you it after this is resolved. TAKE SCREEN SHOTS OF WINNING SCREENS AND LOADING SCREENS, KEEP RECORDS OF WHO YOUR PLAYING, WHOS AHEAD, ETC. I take a screen shot every turn, entering every game, and as soon as it acts up. Will the billionaires make it right for $11? With proof. Or will greed kill this site. Hey, last thing. I lose in bowling but it NEVER EVER CRASHES. I'll post a simple software fix for you guys no matter what you do. This bug is the easiest to put a patch in and
    , while not eliminating it, fixing things so nothing is lost or aborted. 1st game lost and it's my highest scoring game ever! Lmao. Have fun guys. @Larku , done venting but where's my VIP package in the mail? It's been about 4 weeks. You guys live on Mars? Lol. I can get Viagra from Zimbabwe in 2 days, order from Walmart and have it in 3 days. I'm sure it's just a sticker and some little things, envelope, put in, lick, stamp, put in blue box on corner. No, not the wacko leftist guy protesting aquariums! That's a moving cardboard box with fish on it. Ahhhh, tired. World record longest post.
  • @Larku the contests that are on a timer. Are they the time left to enter or, if you enter and time runs out, your game doesn't count? It was strange too because I got an "oops, looked like that didn't work".....ohhhhhh, know why? It tried to enter my score result, the system had the game as finished, it didn't allow the result to register. 3 minutes after the contest ended. Damn, should have made 5 less balls or something. I guess it's watch the time in the tournies, SCRATCH if time is going to run out because if it kicks your game, there's no abort people. Have fun all, I'll report back about support after I see if they do the right thing
    Going to play a game and keep getting pics of these bugz. No, wasn't bitching about a crash because I'm broke. Sheeshhhh. It's principal! And the double V...... Lol.
  • Hey @chaos626,

    I get the frustration but you need to understand that there are many systems at play here and we can only control our game (which is rock solid).

    What device and OS version are you using? The issues you're having are not wide spread and I'm suspicious that it's somewhat device specific.
  • That's why I said I'm going to tell you what kind of "patch" to ask for to fix the game because it's not just me who gets aborts. What concerned me was the first game ever to completely disappear. Ok, my version, one sec, can u get a screen shot? 9.3.5 up to date Ipad2 25gb+ storage. Plenty of room, everything else works smooth as baby snot.
  • Just checked for updates. You have to tell the software guys to put in a patch that immediately links a player to a game, and if they get disconnected or something happens, have the program hold the game for 10/15 seconds. Almost all turn based games do. They say, so-so disconnected, he has 15 seconds to return, EXCEPT, it's an internal clock for here, even easier, which links you with your game and Does it FIRST, then, when it loads the separate game, your locked in. Understand what I. Saying? This software, for some reason, during the starting or finishing of a round or contest, lets that link go too early or, for aborts, before the rest of the program does its fireworks "you won" screen.
    Easy and if something goes wrong, re-open the game, your still linked to your game you entered or finished or was in the middle of.
    This is a wild guess but, watch me be right, ever since you guys put in the money out of a slot machine sound effect. (WHICH MAKES NO SENSE) unless you play with $12 in quarters each. Take that sound out, it's delaying when games finish and store final info. This software credits you AFTER the glamour Windows. As soon as the winning shot is hit, the next module the software should use is the one that pays the winner and allow players back in games or, ok, there's more but I'm long winded today. The problem lies post game/ before win is credited. That's why sometimes you log back in and it shows you again that you won a game that you knew you won yesterday or hours ago. That's where they need to look.
  • Notice, whenever you get booted from pool, you have to go back to the title screen? Where as in most games, it takes you back to exactly where you were. Pinochle for Android is a good example. If you've played it. It doesn't dump your info if you lose your connection at any time because your always "somewhere" and it tracks all players every nanosecond. It sometimes has to switch to data, and your back at title screen, hit play online, it takes you right back to where you were. The game is solid, I don't think I've seen a crash mid shot or like that. That problem is when the software is going from one mode to another with only one default....the home screen. Secret is to save the players place in the system for a nanosecond, second, etc. no matter where your at. You guys know that's where the bugz are hiding.
  • Short version, game isn't saving updated data before bugs and the bugs aren't in the gameplay. I've never gotten kicked off a table. It's always in between, or at the end. When it happens in the beginning, you don't lose money because the game hasn't been fully established before your knocked off. Take away the share screen, the slot machine, and just post the score and winner. AFTER that, post the share screen. If it crashes the game is settled. WHAT BOGGLES ME is that was the first game yesterday in over 800/ 900 that disappeared completely with no record of it. I have guesses about that but purely guesses. You don't get oops messages when you crash, you go black. Ok, one game, and gotta get to some work today. I really want to see if Skillz steps up today. For a "VIP"
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