Hellacious Crash

Yesterday I was second place on 2500 dollar leaderboard, I was stopped from playing for about 12 hours. Today it let me play a few games, I was able to climb from 15 place up the 7 place, once I started climbing the board I wasn't allowed to play again, it is saying I'm not connected to the internet... all my other apps are working just fine. I 100% agree with what Stace300 said earlier, this is crap, I've spent like 2000 dollars on this game in 3 months, I'm starting to think it's against me!


  • It's a Skillz server issue. None of the other Skillz apps are working for me.
  • It's so damn frustrating, I guess they shouldn't have made the stakes so high, their servers couldn't handle the influx of players, thank you, I'm just glad no one can play I guess, we spend good money climbing those leaderboards ya inow!!
  • Yeah, I hate it. It went down in the middle of a game for me. Took forever to submit my score. I just wish Skillz would match me up with more people. I play straight Pool and I always get matched up with the same 2 or 3 people.
  • What really gets ya is when one of them consistently scores high, I get nervous before I even break, it let me back in
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