Unending crash at the worst time

Game crashed and won't allow me back in I am currently leading the $2500 leaderboard and app couldn't have crashed at a worst time almost seems like the game is rigged against me if this crash ends up costing me the leaderboard I will gladly take what I have left when the problem is resolved and be on my way I am very disappointed in the problems that arise in this game at the most disasterous moments!!!


  • Girl, I am pissed as well... I was in second place yesterday, they shut me down for almost 12 hours, I started climbing the board this evening and I've been shut down again... btw, nice shooting, I hope we are able to get back in. This competition has been fantastic, I guess we played to good!!!!
  • edited March 10
    Hey @TiffTat, @stace300,

    Apologies for this disruption, Skillz servers had some issues and all players were unable to play.

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