Unlocking Cues

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What does it take to unlock cues?


  • Post wins to Twitter, Facebook, etc. I don't know if they have any effect on the game @Larku, be useful and help us out on this one ; )
  • Hey @TheSilentOne,

    As pointed out by @chaos626, you can unlock different cues by various actions. Posting a score to social networks for example.

    Pressing the 'select cue' button while in game will let you select from the available cues.

    Cues are 100% cosmetic and have no influence on the game at all :)

  • Always wondered. Didn't think so. I go special-ops. Great to have 8 and 9 ball.
  • Hey @chaos626 have you tried the new expert eightball? (z10 only at the moment)
  • In the right corner it says to log in for custom cues but won't let me click whatever that is what do I do?
  • Hey @mom2sandyboys,

    The wording there may be a little misleading - the idea here is that you use one of the social icons there to log into facebook/etc and then when you get certain achievements you'll be offered to share these to facebook and that will unlock special cues.

    All unlocked cues are available in game by hitting the select cue/balls button.

  • I am logged in I believe with Facebook cause I got the flames cue. But the little icons on the right when your at the one screen before you see your games your in and stuff.
  • Hey @mom2sandyboys,

    Sorry, I don't quite understand your question.

    You can just ignore the icon up the right, if your social sharing is working (sounds like it is) then all is done! The arrow and icon there is just to provide a convenient way to login, it's not required.

  • I want my cues unlocked
  • I personally like the ebony cue. After reinstalling the app, I lost all the cues I unlocked. Ever since, I don't care much about unlocking them anymore.
  • Hey @Chris,

    All the cues should be tied to your Skillz account - if you logged in with the same account you should get your cues back after playing. It's possible you may need to play 8/9 ball to get them back. An app restart may also be required.

  • I just unlocked the golden break cue and it wouldn’t let me share on Facebook and it’s still locked the game match code is 197145626
  • Hey @mykittenswet, which Device are you using (android or iOS?)

    If you're using iOS, have you "linked" to your FB account at the games opening menu (where the arrow is pointing to)?

    Shoot me your skillz username and I'll unlock that cue for you - PM me if you'd rather not post it publicly.

  • Mykittenswet is my name and I tap it but I can’t link any account I think it’s bugged it shows me tapping it but nothing happens and I am signed in I’m on iOS
  • I can take a video of me tapping it u see it turn darker but it doesn’t do anything or redirect me to Facebook or anything like it should
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    Hey @mykittenswet,

    What iPhone model and iOS version are you using?

    Do you have your social settings configured in your device's settings? We use the iOS built in social sharing, as such it just calls through to iOS and shares using your already configured social accounts.

    I'll unlock that cue for you while we work through this. (I unlocked a few others for you too!)

    You'll need to close the game completely (kill it) and restart the game for the cues to unlock.

  • Thanks and yeah everything should be configured and what not I’ve linked my Facebook to a lot of games before and I have the most recent iOS on my iPhone 6
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