Speed pool $5 & $10 stakes crashing

Anyone else not able to play $5 or $10 games. The game doesn't load but they still deduct your entry fee. Anyone else having this issue?


  • same here
  • @Larku.

    Any update on the fix?
  • @Larku

    Any update yet?
  • Hey @MFKN2,

    I'll hit them for an update now.
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    Ok, I'm waiting to hear back. I plan on making a $100 deposit as soon as I'm assured the higher stakes speed pool games are working. Hope to hear from you soon with some good news. Also, if there is someone on your tech team you'd rather me hassle about these things in the future please give me their contact info. Thanks again.

    PS. I'm using an iPhone 6s with latest version of iOS. If that is in anyway relevant to the glitch.
  • @Larku

    Please read message above. Wasn't sure if usernames are case sensitive.
  • Hey @MFKN2,

    Yeah I'm waiting to hear back, it's the weekend and their engineering team is likely slow to respond.

  • @Larku

    Ok, no problem. Thanks for always getting back to me pretty quickly. As you can tell I'm eager to play higher stakes. Played about 140 games this week. Still have quite a few pending but expect that I will end up increasing my account approx. $15 for the week playing $1 games. So not really that much $ over 7 days but if they had the bug fixed that would have been a $75 or $150 (depending on if I played the $5 or $10 stakes) increase for the week, which is real $. Plus I'd play a lot more if the bug were fixed too. So you can see why I'm following up so dilligently. With $1 games the game is just something to do for fun. With the higher stakes available, I'm consistent enough I could be making several hundred dollars a month. So I really hope they resolve the issue ASAP.


  • Lost all contact with the game 3 times on 5$ speed pool... Expecting a refund soon.
  • Hey @jsells,

    We're really sorry about this, it's an issue that is effecting a very small number of players and we're having difficulty reproducing the issue.

    Please submit a support request to support@skillz.com and they'll fix things up for you.

    @MFKN2, we're still digging in to see what's going wrong, it's a difficult one to track down.

    @jsells & @MFKN2, what devices and OS versions are you using (in case it's device specific)?

  • Hey @jsells & @MFKN2,

    Stroke of luck - I've just been working with the Skillz engineers and they found and corrected the problem. It should now work without issue.

  • @Larku

    Great News. 1st 10 games playing @ $5 stakes increased my account by $40. Huge improvement. Thanks for getting back to me.
  • That's awesome @MFKN2, great work!
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