I was suspended for my 2 account and they said its was cheating and take all my money. They took everything plus the one i deposited that came from my credit card. They accusing me for cheating but they take all my money for no reason isnt that stealing? Emailing them and no answer i just want a explantion


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    Hey @bey,

    I'm not privy to any details regarding your account suspension (due to privacy, etc) so I can't provide anything other than my own thoughts and opinion.

    I don't know the specifics of how players cheat using two (or more) accounts, but I assume Skillz have analysed specific situations where the system could be gamed to give a player an advantage (speculation here).

    They do state clearly in their terms and conditions ( ) that multiple accounts are not allowed (specifically section 7.3).

    Have you explained to Skillz why you have two accounts (is there a reason?) Without good rationale I can understand why Skillz likely assume the worst, and they need to in order to provide fair matching etc for all players - no one would want them to allow cheating players to take advantage of other players.

    The issue is that it's the other players who suffer if someone is cheating - Skillz are proactive to protect all players.

    I wish I could do more to help you, but we are also bound by Skillz' Terms and Conditions.

  • ive been using 3 account for almost a year but then when i decided to withdraw my money its just get suspended, on the time ive been loosing money on my accounts they dont say anything
  • they shouldve warn me but no warning at all , im not crazy to put myself on this situation if i know its illegal
  • and thats why i have 2 account because sometimes i play all the different game plus they give good deal when deposit money when you have new account
  • Is a name change in one game and not the others considered 2 accounts?
  • Hey @chaos626,

    I believe name changes do not effect this at all.
  • Ure right. Having 2 accounts btw, is an unfair advantage. You play with one until rating gets high then the other at a lower rating while the first drops. So you can almost assure playing easier opponents. I'd consider it an unfair advantage. IMHO
  • I meant until your rating gets too high
  • Lol, revisited this and have to laugh. "I've been using 3 accounts" she/ he says, basically robbing Skillz of introductory bonuses and whining that he/she got caught. Good job skillz
  • skillz robberies thats all
  • English please. Sorry. No idea what you mean. Multiple? Banks? conveinant stores??
    Come on and get real. You admitted you used multiple accounts to get better bonuses.

    I'll be withdrawing soon. I'll let you all know how well they handle it. I'm guessing it won't be a problem since I've always had one account, haven't cheated, and they owe me anyway, lol.
  • I take back anything I said about the integrity of Skillz.
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