New version 1.9.2 released to iOS App Store

We've just released version 1.9.2 to the iOS App Store.

This should become available in all territories / App Store locations within the next 2 hours.

Please update at your earliest convenience!



  • hello larku, too many crashes on new version. still the same problem with an old devices ? (ipad2, iphone 4,4s)

    have you updated android version?
  • Hmm, I'm really sorry to hear that @unarebi, we're continuing to address these issues. Our focus is on stability and this is our number one priority.

    Apologies while we work through this, I know how frustrating it can be.

  • 7 days to take a shot? What am I going to do in the meantime? Pick my nose? 24 hours is plenty. In fact 26 hours would be a good norm for people who play at a normal time but may run late. I've been waiting on an opponent for 5 days now! Maybe this is ideal if you want to start 6 matches and take a Caribbean vacation, then come back to take 1 shot. Come on now! This decision was just dumb.
  • @unarebi, they won't fix the bugs. Same ones as six months ago, wait, my bad, they have gotten worse.
  • Shut it Larku. Lmao. Thought I'd beat you to it.
  • edited February 13
    Hi @chaos626,

    Please stop and think a bit before you make a bunch of rash assumptions and chastise me based on them.

    We would like the shortest time possible per round, it makes good business sense (we're not silly here) and in fact we did have it set to 1 day and we had a LOT of requests from players to extend the "longest time" (remember because it says 6 days, does not mean all games take 6 days).

    There are a number of issues with a 1 day limit, the biggest being - if someone can not play for 1 day (think, internet connection, falling ill, work commitments, family commitments, device failure, power outage,, etc) then they'd lose all their pending games. Not everyone's situation is the same as yours, you need to think bigger than just your self.

  • I wasn't chastising you and I apologize if I came off like that. Your right shorter period of time is higher turnover, however, not sure why anyone would want to wait 7 days per turn. 7 days total is one thing. I've still got an unfinished game from day 1 launch/ return of 8/ 9 ball. It's been well over a week.
  • Hi @chaos626,

    No probs and apologies, my wording was probably a little adversarial in my last reply to you, not really needed :)

    Anyway, we agree there are a few frustrating aspects to the 7 days per turn scenario, but we have found this works most fairly (even if frustrating) for most players. We'll continue to try and improve this the best we can.

  • Rare praise to Skillz,
    Hey @Larku, I want to commend @skillz for cracking down on players with 2 accounts. They play one until their ranking goes up, then play the other to guarantee playing against inferior competition. Good job Skillz, Larku, and the rest of the club. I'm enjoying even competition and fair play for once. That being said still down $400 lol.
  • I am a VIP player. There are supposed to be special VIP tournaments. I haven't seen any..?
  • Btw, still trying to complete one game that is over a month long. How about a 48 hour per turn basis to prevent this. And... The ability to customize chat responses, like , "HA!, you took 8 weeks to finish this and I buried you"?
  • Hey @chaos626,

    Absolutely - Skillz take fairness very seriously, there's a mammoth amount of work involved in ensuring their systems are fair, it's an integral part of their system.

    Hmm, you should be seeing VIP tournament - I don't think they're necessarily named "VIP", but they are only seen by VIP customers. I believe the $5 and $10 SpeedPool are VIP only (not 100% sure what settings Skillz have set on them).. Do you see these tournaments?

    I hear you regarding the long game times - I'll bring this up again and see if there's some room to move there, it's a hard one..

  • I've never played nor are interested in speed pool tournies. As far as the length of games I've been playing one with @sabledrizelli since 8/9 pool came back. How long is that?
  • Tell her to move or forfeit, or have my entry fee refunded. It's ridiculous. And Skillz has given her more than 7 days per shot.
  • I'd play speed pool tournaments
  • @Larku

    How does one become a VIP player or if they already are how do they know?
  • Hey @MFKN2,

    I'm not 100% sure and will check the full detail with Skillz for you.

    I'll post back here with the details.

  • Hey @MFKN2,

    I've got the rundown from Skillz on how to be a VIP player. The details are:

    Earn Black Tier, or the 6x Ticketz multiplier, inside of 1 calendar month.

    The Tiers reset after each month, and you’ll keep whatever the highest Tier you managed to reach in that month. So if you had reached 4x but not quite gotten to 6x, now that March has started, you’d start out with the 4x multiplier applying to all the Ticketz you win that month.

    You get increased Ticketz multipliers by winning a certain amount of Ticketz during the month. If you tap the Ticketz in the top left corner of the app, it’ll take you to the Ticketz store, and you can see what Tier you are in and how far you have to go to reach the next Tier.

    If you tap the little “i” next to that progress bar, it’ll show you the number of Ticketz you need to win each Tier. So Black Tier is 800,000 Ticketz in a month.

    I hope that makes sense.

  • I only have 2 issues so far. The opening screen on the app used to let me tap the Play button immediately. Now I have to wait a few seconds (not a big issue at all). Maybe it's because the Unity logo no longer appears on opening it. The other issue is after an 8 or 9 ball game is complete (2 games won/lost) and the score submittal screen is shown, the Next button doesn't work (i.e. I can't move off that screen). I can click the Share button and Play Again button (I think that is what is shown), but not the button that takes me back to the main menu.
  • I've had problems with the next button on several games. So, that's A) next button fix. B)being refunded your entry fee when your up 1-0, simply isn't fair. I will say this...
    @Larku (rare praise so I tagged ya), at least black screens end up in a refund when you lose, however, like I mentioned, your up 1-0, opponent just broke, run the table baby! Right! No black screen, opponent knows he got an extra shot and in one game, I was actually taunted, lol. If I spend $9 and I'm going in for the kill, do ya think I want a refund?

    To all, you need to average 66% win/loss record. I happen to be doing well in a certain game. 1 loss, takes 2 wins to make up. Skillz is constantly improving the game. They need to steal one guy away from bowling to make it all right.

    @larku mid range $7 tournies please? 9 ball 4 person tournies. (Anymore players would take weeks)
    @larku where's my VIP package? I want a sticker on my bumber to remind the people I beat. Lol

    Soooooo. Refunds on games a player is ahead 1-0, and their turn coming up, deserve to be paid for the win. I'll even offer to clear the table after 70% of your breaks to prove it! ;)

    Thanks for the first VIP tourney. I'm sure they will fix the guy saying your playing for 2500 or whatever tickets. I want coasters, stickers, @larku bobble heads, and a tourney for a cruise.
    I need it lol.
    Thanks all. And, Sorry for kicking so much arse in 6-ball ;)
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