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Hi, I'm new here, although I've been playing the pool game for more than a month now. Once in a while I'm asked to rate the app, which I would gladly rate with 5*, but when I tap on the ''rate now'' button, it redirects me to App Store. Then I tap on 5* and it says ''To rate this item, you must own it''...anybody else has this issue?
Thank you in advance


  • Hey @moregnt,

    Hmm, that weird, I've never heard of this issue before. We're releasing an update later today, perhaps once you're device updates it'll "realise" you do own it!

    Thanks for letting us know you're having this issue and for the attempt at a 5* rating!

  • Hi @-larku and thank you for replying,
    I spoke to customer support from Apple's App store about the situation, and even they said this is pretty weird...and suggested me to get in touch you, as there's nothing they can do.
    I don't know if this issue is related or has anything to do with my other problem (the one mentioned in the crash topic) but I'm hoping that putting all symptoms out there, might speed up the process of finding and fixing the problem.
    Hope for the best.

    Once again thank you and best of luck!
  • Hey @moregnt,

    Thanks again for the additional information. I expect it should be fixed once you install the latest release (imminent). If not we'll dig into what's going on!

  • A crazy thought just popped into my head: if App Store says I must own the app in order to rate it, it means App Store thinks I don't have it, right? In this case, when the update will be released, will I get notified or not?
  • Hey @moregnt,

    That's an interesting point!

    I'll post here to let you know the instant it's publicly available.

  • Thank you; I'm looking forward
  • That's a big problem, not being told when their is an update to the app. I'm noticing a difference in game physics as of late. Welcomed by myself, however, it seems like the answer to almost every problem is to reinstall it (except for trophies and ticketz on IOS) I use android for that as I just realized if I reinstall on my android, I can claim what I earned. NOTE *** If you can't win 2 of every 3 games played, you will not make break even. To win money you will need a 67% win average. Just FYI. Hi Larku!
  • Spelling corrections to above, "there" not "their", and it's realized Larku the Almighty. -your nemesis -C.
  • Oh, and you will not break even, not.....u get it.
  • Hey @chaos626,

    Regarding update status - that's all Apple/App store territory, we can't influence that unfortunately. I expect reinstalling would fix things.

    The games physics haven't changed, what seems different? Our physics is a specifically designed pool engine that is not influenced by any other changes.

  • Hi!
    I've updated, still can't rate/write review and same errors occur...nice update
  • Hmm moregnt,

    That's very strange. Perhaps the only solution is to uninstall and reinstall (make sure you have your username and password though to keep the same account!)

  • Hmmm, Larku...do you think I haven't tried that already? It didn't work, otherwise I won't be here, would I? And on top of all issues, after reintalling I couldn't log into my acount for 2 days straight! And YES, I had internet and YES, I knew my credentials very well (just in case you were about to tell me this...I've heard them enough from support before).
    And anyway, my real issue is not that I can't rate the app; is the fact that games keep crashing for a month now, as I said in the other topic and nothing changes. Recently I scored 108 in a tournament and it said I aborted, because I'm not conected to internet. Do tou know how frustrating is that?! And I got $1.29 entry fee back.......no comment. I play head to head against other players and I score more than they do, as I can see after the game; but I only get the entry fee back, as the game crashes. It's really annoying and upseting, as this has great pottential, but in the right hands, if you know what I mean. And again, I must underline, people ar support have no empathy whatsoever, they send template replies and that's it. To prove myself this, I did something I'm not very proud of: after a game crashed I sent a very nasty message to support, that ended with "all you'll says will be thanks for playing" and a lot of nasty words, which I underline I'm not proud of and does not reflect my personality; it was just to prove a point. Guess what?! I got the email saying "here's your entry fee back, I'm sorry for your game, thanks for playing". Whatever! I apologise to whoever opened my nasty email, but there's a lot of improvement to be done.
    All the best
  • Hey @moregnt,

    Apologies, but when problem solving an issue it'd be incompetent of me to assume anything, hence unless something is stated explicitly I'll not make assumptions (hence I did not want to assume you had tried uninstalling and reinstalling). This advice was given only to ensure we've tried the simple things .

    Unfortunately we have zero control or influence of the review mechanics - it's 100% locked down Apple functionality (as such, it's an issue with your account/apple/app store/device - there's nothing we can do to see or know what's going wrong)..

    I've done some research and googling for: apple can't review product own it

    Yields many results of Apple users having the same problem for various apps.

    Some thread mention that using iTunes and PC syncing can cause this ( see: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/app-store-thinks-i-dont-own-an-app-cant-review-it.691093/ )

    Perhaps one of these threads might lead you to a solution.

    Regarding crashing: are you still getting crashes with the latest release? They should be fixed in that release.

    I totally sympathise and apologies for the crashes - unfortunately we have to use 3rd party software as part of our cash play functionality and the robustness of that software is out of our control. We are very focused on quality and robust software and we are equally (or more) frustrated by any crashes we suffer due to this.

    Regarding Skillz support and 'template replies', Skillz manage thousands of games and likely process 10's of thousands of support requests every day. I doubt there is any practical way for support to personally address support requests, they must use a method that gives them efficiency. If they didn't you'd have to wait days or weeks for a reply.

    It's certainly not a perfect situation, and they'll continue to improve.

    Apologies again for the issues you're having and we do appreciate the feedback!

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