Testing the honesty of Skillz. One question needs one honest answer.

When I pay $6 in a $10 game and my opponent pays $6. That's $12. If I win, $10 is returned to me. However $6 of that is my original buy in. What is my profit?
What is my true win not counting my own money? Is it $4. My $6 balance before the game becomes a $10 balance.
Yay! The other $8 from that game, goes to Skillz.
Do you keep $8 from every single "$10" 2 player contest or not? Yes or no?
If no, where does the $6 the winner put up go at the end after its deducted from the winners account?
losers fee $6, winners fee $6, return Winners fee( already their money ) add $4 for win. Your rake is on top of the guarantee that your keeping one of the fees as well. That's why in my statement. It shows -$6 fee, + $10 win, and so on. I've said enough. I challenge you to be honest and not leave out $$$ deducted from accounts when discussing your profit on every game.
Skillz profit per 2 player games. Why your not "Winning" that $10.
  1. Skillz makes 66% off every 2 person game. Too high?7 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • Please stop posting these pointless threads about the same topic.

    Skillz will not be changing the rake, they need to be profitable.

    I think you've expressed your view, let's move on.

  • Stop lying and I will move on. Every post you said Skillz makes 16%. Correct yourself and admit 66%
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    Come on @chaos626 - this is getting really silly now, I'm not sure what point you're trying to prove, but going on and on and on about this is totally pointless and is just wasting your and my time.

    I've tried really hard to give you the chance to be sensible about it, but what you're saying just doesn't make any sense.
  • @chaos626 - I understand where ur coming from but first let me correct a few things starting with just a pet peave - sight vs site - web "site" vs web "sight" - site is a destination or place - sight is what you see.... again, just a pet peave (and FYI ur vs your is an abbreviation or slang of sorts done deliberately vs unknowingly using sight vs site or their vs there)

    Secondly with your math. You keep trying to make your point when your math is not correct therefore making your point NULL!
    You claim you pay $6 in a game to win $10 - AGREED?
    You then claim you stand to win $4 - AGREED?
    Your true win is $4 - AGREED?
    Your $6 before becomes $10 - this is correct.. however, you then say where is the other $8?!?!
    The other $8 DOESN'T EXIST!! If it did your opponent would be paying $8 & $6 = $14 and you'd pay $6 and your opponent would never risk $14 to win $10!
    You are saying the total game is for $20! (After the $12 game pays you $10 and skillz takes $2) but how did we get to $20??? If you pay $6 and your opponent pays $6, you have $12... the loser gets nothing - winner gets $10 and the dealer/house keeps $2. The $8 you speak of assumes you each stand to win $10 but essentially ONE OR THE OTHER STANDS TO WIN $10 NOT BOTH.
    If you still don't get this go to the store with your buddy, each of you go in and buy a six pack - you'll have two 6 packs for you and your buddy - then give both 6 packs to your wife as "the house" and she will have 12 beers total - fight your buddy for the prize of 10 beers... your wife keeps the "VIG" of 2 beers, and after your buddy beats ur ass ask him "Where the hell are my 8 beers!!?" He'll ask you "WTF ARE YOU SMOKIN!!?? We only started with 12 she drank two and I got 10, if you want one just ask but ur not gettin 8 of them, especially since you only brought 6 to the party!" Do you get it now!?? There are 12 dollars/beers total for a prize of 10... NOT 20.. not without someone putting eight more dollars in the pot!
  • I already corrected you in a past post.
  • I agree totally I been playing skills for a while since summer 2016 n I would gladly wager at the current rates considering this is the best online pool program I have tried and I've tried them all.. Pool stars grand billiards and play 89 were decent but the effort that went into making this game exceeds any doubts I had about joining another cash game billiard company heck I spend more money just on table time at the real halls... So what if they make 2 dollars profit per game they are generously giving you a medium to play with in the first place.. You can't be a soar loser and the offset of the uneven bet actually pushes me to try harder since then I've placed in my first pro league pool prize being in the top 25, they make money off each game but they gladly give it back to the players that shine.. Plus the ticket system is really unique and unheard of in any other game I played... This game is so real it improves my real game at the hall say what you want but as a freelance web designer this company worked hard and was well thought out and deserve every penny of the small commission you CHOOSE to put up on the table.. If you don't like it.. Don't play simple as that
  • Hey @djspinbyte,

    Thanks for the kind words - we spend over a year just perfecting our pool physics simulator our goal was simple "make the most real world accurate pool physics". I think we've got pretty close. Every shot is a real simulation with zero interference. ie, we never influence any outcome in any way, we just let the physics simulation do its thing :) I think its a solution that works really well.

    Your feedback is appreciated.

    Oh, and welcome to our forum!

  • @Larku, I've excepted the the extra "VIG" based on the quality of the game. What we need now, is a pool tourney in the middle of $2.45 and 33.66 or whatever it is. (won that sweet sweet contest last night). All I'm saying Naegerousoro is that youMUSt win 2 of 3 to barely make a profit. That's all. Play 3 $12 games, total entry $36. UNDERSTAND? Total possible winnings. I should say profit, $24. Risking $36 to win $24 I am going to try to explain how hard that is to maintain..... Slowly consider this.... Play 6 $12 entry fee games. Total cost paid..... Before you start remember, $72. Your potential WINNINGS are what? $4 play 8 $12 games, cost $96. YOU BETTER WIN 5 x $20($100) of 8 to win $4!! 6 of 8 to win(and by win I refer to PROFIT) $24. 7 of 8 140-84 $56. 8 of 8 (160-96) win(PROFIT) $64. Soooo.
    If your comfortable with risking say $120 to win $200 for a profit of $80. WHICH IS 10-0. No losses. Great!!!
    because I like Larku, and I like this game and your ignorance is building pots for me to win. Do I like spending $33 to win $66 and have to beat 2 top players to do it? No. But the competitor in me does. I LIKE SEEING "you WON $100" , knowing I won $66.
    The way you get tricked is you forget you already paid $12 of that $20 win. I love and want more players like you. Really. :)
    Best game support. WORST SKILLZ SUPPORT. But they are furthering the games. However, we as pool players, will be second fiddle to bowling for quite a while.
    Skillz is waiting on poker. Best believe they have an app already developed.
    Anyone else who wants to argue math, go take algebra I and then come see me. :) Best of luck.
    Oh, my Point, @Larku, how about asking for. $15 entry tourney? Something in the middle of $2.54 and $33.36
  • @djspinbyte I do like putting up the money to beat you. However, I believe we're pretty even. See you in 9 ball.
  • @chaos626, I'll see what we can arrange regarding a 15 entry tourney !
  • Great! Like the one in "Cube" but obviously only 15 players. Even a $12/$10 tourney would be great! Also Skillz said they had issues with the VIP packs but mine is on the way soon. We'll see. Made a small withdrawal, tracking the amount of time that "truly" takes them. We will see :)
  • He @chaos626,

    Great stuff, let me know if/when you get your VIP pack!

    Regarding withdrawals - for first withdrawals I'd expect it to take from 4 - 6 weeks and latter withdrawals to take 2 - 4 weeks g- this is from comments from other players here. Hopefully it will be quick!

  • For the people who doubts skillz system.Here is my username (Satnamwaheguru).i just started playing a month ago and i found it so easy to earn money.i made a withdrawal around 1000$ by almost winning everytime in league.Its just you have to play more &more games to win in league by giving more time..i do not know about anyone else but i am really enjoying skillz.Its really cool.Thanks to skillz by providing us this wonderfull oppurunity.
  • Hey @LADDUSINGH100,

    Welcome - I'm glad you're enjoying the game and winning some $$$, that's great to hear!

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