Warning to all fellow Skillz players. The truth behind the Skillz system, fees, and pratices



  • I'm not sure if your done discussing this..


    1. Two players buy in for $0.60c
    2. This adds up to $1.20
    3. Player wins $1 leaving $0.20 short
    4. As Larku said, the $0.20 is rake
    5. You profited $0.40 & WIN your $0.60 back
    6. $0.10 of the rake lost was yours, the other $0.10c was your opponents

    I hope this helps with numbered steps. Also if you don't like simple processing fees then perhaps online gambling isn't for you.
  • Um, so how come my name in the forums is the same as I play with? Knucklehead. And please please stop with the integrity crap. All players know you win 75% of your games, you make money, you win 2 of 3, your bound to lose. I should know. I average 18+ a game.
  • And so who is he? I can't post under another name???
  • Why are you bringing coercios into this?
  • I'm sorry coeous, coutious, cautious whatever,.
  • I would have nothing to hide either if I knew I had an edge like you do. Stop pissing me of Fluku. You don't have to reply to everything I post unless you have something to hide.
  • P.s I'd ban me, your player base got cut in half. P.s. I saw that Incling of watching what I post. Go get a Gatorade Larku.
  • Without your players you are nothing. Quote. So charge a %10 entry VIG not 20%. Why not $10 games for $5.50? 20$ games for $11?. Start a poll.
  • Hey @chaos626,

    The name you use here is the one you entered when you joined our forum. There is no relationship between this forum and the Skillz usernames, they are independent systems.

    I need to reply to any posts when you state something incorrect in our forums, I do so in the spirit of providing correct factual information :)

    I'm not sure what you mean by "And please please stop with the integrity crap", if you're going to make accusations towards us then we're going to respond. We do act with integrity, and it's something we take very seriously.

  • Integrity = you need to win 2 of 3 same money games to break even. True or not? One answer question
  • edited February 8
    Having a doctorate I thought you'd know the meaning of integrity.

    You're still struggling with the arithmetic here @chaos626, 2 out of three games and you'll be ahead, not break even.

    You can't expect to be even or ahead by winning 0 or 1 out of 3 now could you? So I'm not sure what your point is.

    Start with a bank roll of $1

    Enter game for $0.60, bank roll is now $0.40.

    Win and you're at $1.40.

    Enter a second game for $0.60, your bankroll is now $0.80

    Win and you're at $1.80

    Enter a third game for $0.60 and your bankroll is now $1.20

    *lose* and you're at $1.20 (so you're still up %20).

    Now looking at the other permutations, if you win 0 or 1 of 3, you'd expect to be losing (you're losing, right?), if you win all 3 then your bankroll is $2.20 (so %120 up).

    I'm struggling to see your point.
  • Larku he doesn't under basic proccessing fees for online gambling. He most likely isn't of age because ive never seen anyone make a fuss over minor fees like chaos has so you should most likely ban him anyway.

    And chaos,

    I was in the top 10 for heads up tables on PKR before they changed the game and it was very profitable with fees no different to this. I lost games, but made thousands.

    Here is an example of their fees.

    I could join a heads up table for $12 and so would my opponent which is $24. Winner takes $20 and PKR takes $4 for rake. I would profit $8 because my $2 buy in fee and my opponents $2 buy in fee would go to PKR.

    Super simple.
  • Hey @danutz,

    I'm not sure if chaos has a real problem or is just enjoying the banter :)
  • Larku, you are worth every dollar they are paying you. So easy to fool the simpletons. What a great job. I'm in no mood tonight to even debate you. If people are dumb enough to believe you, they deserve what they get. With all the money this sight is bringing in, where is 8 ball and 9 ball? Oh yeah, it's a legal issue, I forgot. ; )
  • And yet another person who isn't a real player. Good job faking it Larku. When I see a "real" player comment, I'll let you know
  • I'm really considering writing the gaming commission. Not because of your fees, because of your deceit.
  • And donuts, I've been pointing out a multi game algorithm. It's above your head. What's your player name? How come I don't see real players debate this?
  • Hey @chaos626,

    I think you're getting a little paranoid now. There are no fake 'players', I only posts as myself and never post as anyone else.
  • Note, 8 ball and 9 ball have been re-enabled today.
  • @chaos626, dude you're really out of touch here man. Quite frankly these guys are quite forward thinking and are capitalizing on an emerging market. Wish I was them. And they're doing it fairly, ever have a game crash? They refund your entry immediately if you provide the match ID. Let it go dude, let it go and just win. Then you'll have no worries!
  • If, and I truly mean if, you can win over 66% of your games. For a real profit, 85%+ is the only way.
  • Ever be ahead 1-0 in a 9 ball game, have it crash and have to settle for refund instead of a win?
  • Not u Larku, as addressed as fake players. You own the site. I'm talking of others and so tired of the bugs
  • @dogBowl32 haven't seen ya. I'm VIP. How's your account? You up?
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