Warning to all fellow Skillz players. The truth behind the Skillz system, fees, and pratices

Many and most of you need to look into the charges for games and do the math. Where casinos take 10%, poker a rake of usually 3-5%. Skillz "fees" are the equivalent of a base of 66% up to a potential of 95%.

It will ruin the advance of online poker and other games of skill. Furthermore, it is mathematically almost impossible to make money over any period of time longer than 2, yes 2 games.

I leave you all to your own decisions. just know you are not playing for the Amount advertised. They get a high yield percentage whether you win or lose and a few loses will take those few $8 wins away very fast.

Do yourself a favor, look over your transaction history. The wins seem nice when it says, you've won that amount, however, even if you win, They are getting your fee. A simple example and I will leave it to players and state control boards to decide. You will spend $120 to win $80 dollars if you were to win ten straight $20 games. 3 loses would reduce your winnings to $44. 13 $20 games at a 10-3 record will win you a profit of 1/3 of your investment. Roughly. That's a 35% return on a potential156$ risk, IF you can go 10-3.

For reference, most slot machines return 90% of what they take in. Poker has a 4-5% rake, is a game of skill as well, yet remains mostly illegal for online play. State lotteries return 50%

Enjoy, play $60 cent games to try to win %40. Just don't expect to ever make a realistic set of withdrawals, the odds are better at street dice. This site, if it goes offline for much more than the poker sites did. (Imagine a 66% house rake on your neighborhood game? Lol. It will do so with your money. How much will be yours?

If you can win 80% of your games consistently. You will make a little money with what truly would be skill.

I like the site, it is merely misleading and most likely will set games of skill back for years again for greed.
Skillz, in its first 2 weeks of operation, raked in 200 million. Good luck all.
Was so disappointed and confused as to how I could win at 8 game clips and had little to show for it.

65% win player. loss of $240. One month. Congrats on your $20 win! We will now take $12 of that, well, we had it already. Please don't keep large amounts deposited.

See ya at the $1, um $0.40 tables. Almost forgot.


  • Hey @chaos626,

    Apologies, I'm having trouble keeping up with your numerous intertwined threads :)

    I'm not sure of how you're calculating the Skillz rake - could you give your mathematical equation you're using?

    For example, a $0.60c game with prize of $1.

    - Two entry fees of $0.60c gives a total of $1.20 entered
    - The winner gets $1, Skillz takes $0.20c

    Of the total $1.20, $0.20c is rake.

    20 / 120 = 0.16666667

    0.1666667 * 100 = 16.6667%

    The total rake is 16.6667%

  • No because you are returning an ALREADY paid entry fee as part of the win. Therefore 16% plus the persons entry fee. The win to the player is 66% on the dollar. keep one entry fee, and the win would be a dollar. THAT is where the problem lies. Return the winning players entry fee and THEN and ONLY then do they win $1.00. What is .40 cents of a .60 cent entry? Say it.......a 66.6% return. Your not playing for what is advertised if your entry fee is held. So make it clear you are playing to win $0.40 total on a $1 game, $2 on a $5 game, $6 on a ten dollar game and $8'on a $20 game. It's deceptive. My goal was to point that out and I have.

    Players are mislead. In a pool hall, if I say I will play you for a $1. I win a dollar. Here, the deception is that you win a dollar and you don't.

    I was pointing out how difficult it would be to ever make money. Especially since your matching system ensures equal competition, it would be always be a 50% chance of winning no matter how good you got. Therefore almost impossible with the EXCEPTION, and here's where I show I'm fair. Tournaments.

    People will make own decisions. My complaint is that your being deceiving and banking on the overlook of the true return. It's Marketing, it's your site. Just be HONEST.

    Anyone who doesn't win 90% of the time, will not win. With an equal matching system, it's impossible. With a 2 tier system, it's possible. I will make as many people aware as possible. You can do whatever you want. When this ruins online gaming for money. As a pioneer, you will be to blame. If you don't include a statement that the entry fee is NOT returned to the winner, you are deceiving people. "Playing for" is deceiving and you bank on it. Always looking forward to your reply. Tell me now, that if you wager $0.60 you will "win" $1 without telling me .60 cents of that dollar, was already yours.
  • Hey @chaos626,

    We could argue for ever over this. You're clearly seeing things differently to how we see it.

    Regardless of how you want to interpret the situation, there is no deception and no 66% rake - that's just a mass of misinterpreted numbers. As I've shown many times, Skillz take exactly 16.6667% rake, if you want to bend the maths to support a theoretical issue that's up to you, but that will not change anything. Skillz take 16.6667% rake.

    I totally understand what you're saying about part of the winnings is the players entry fee - all competitions of this type work this way. It's the only way that works (the prize money is always the money entered by the players).

    Your example of two players "playing each other for a $1" - that's a not relevant at all - there is no facilitator in this arrangement. In this pool hall, you'll need to pay for the table etc, that's a significant difference.

    An example would be, how about we rent you a table to use for $5 and you can play your opponent for $1 and keep the whole winnings! - This is a very different setup and not representative of how online play works.

  • Larku, until you admit Skillz makes 66% per match I will post every lunch break, every time I take a sh*t, and yes, this site will die. It's built to make quick money on a good game engine. It doesn't care to keep players because it makes too much off old dumb ones and new ones who are mislead. I don't mean admit to me. You already did. Admit to players
  • You make 66% per match. That's called extortion and a scam. I'm done with you and players are already bleeding off. Once google play drops you. Ure done. Don't come to a gun fight with a pocket knife. I may have real money hire me. I can at least lie better. There is no VIG. There is an illusion of a VIG.to distract from the 66% profit per match
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    Hey @chaos626,

    I'm not sure if you're just having fun trolling us or if you have a real issue - you can't see how the reality is and you want to keep arguing some nonsense about 66%, deception, greed, etc, but none of your posts make any sense.

    You are so unbelievably wrong with so many of the assumptions you make and that makes any sensible discussion with you almost impossible.

    I think you need to take a break, step back and look at what you're saying - it's total nonsense.

    You have us so wrong - our players are our most important asset and we have every bit of respect for them. We'd never deceive or treat them with disregard.

    Please cease the ridiculous threats, they're not helping your cause at all.

    This must stop now or I'm just going to lock or delete all these threads because it's not going anywhere , you're not making sense and I'm wasting my time going over the same things with you ad nauseum.

    No one is forcing you to play our game - if it bothers you so much please feel free to stop playing. I do understand your problem though, Real Money Pool is the best mobile pool game available, so it's hard to resist! You can still play for free though if you'd prefer.

    But keeping this crazy trolling mission going is just a waste of time - what's more is we are NOT Skillz, we are the developers of the game. So if you really have a problem with the rake that Skillz take, please take that up with them.

    We're here to support the players of our game. Let's keep focused on that!
  • @chaos

    Explain how Skillz makes 66% profit

    If two players put in a total of $1.20 and the winner gets $1.00 back. That leaves $0.20 in profit to Skillz.

    Please explain EXACTLY where and how you think they are making a total of $0.80 profit which would be 66% of $1.20.

    I'm simply lost as to how you can possibly think the Skillz is making $0.80 out of a $1.20 total pot when $1.00 of that $1.20 is being paid out to the winner.


    See how awesome I am for assisting you and backing you up in this matter. You could return the favor by enabling higher stakes speed pool games.
  • Hey @MFKN2,

    I love your enthusiasm! I'll keep pressing this on your behalf. Things always take time to get in place - I too am pushing for higher stakes for our players!

  • MFKN2 your welcome to your opinion. if you like risking $12 to win $8. Thats fine. id rather risk $12 to win $10.
  • dont threaten me Larku. if i am free to express my views let me express them. to all that read this, i suggest you look at the reviews about s sight before depositing. that is all. ban me and you prove my point is right... oh, cant redeem ticketz or claim rewards. just fyi. i dare you to ban me.
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    Hey @chaos626,

    Where's this hostility coming from?

    Sure you're free to express your views, but posting numerous posts over and over again about the same thing is simply wasting our time and serves no purpose. I was addressing that.

    I never said anything about banning you? You've expressed your views, I have never hindered that. But I will not accept poor behaviour here. We all need to act with respect for each other, you've been dishing out threats, insults and banging on about 66% rake (which is nonsense) - most support forums would have banned you long ago, but we're different here, we are here for our users as a priority and we believe in allowing them to have a voice. But that does not mean we must accept a torrent of threads about the *same* topic over and over from the same user, making numerous threats to us, insulting us, etc.. Please treat us with the same respect we give you.

    I thought you found a solution for your ticketz issue (using the Android version) ?? Which is not ideal, but it's a workaround. Skillz are addressing the iOS issues there and it'll be fixed soon.

    What do you mean by "i suggest you look at the reviews about s sight before depositing"

    What is "s sight" ??
  • Your stupid,

    with the black tier, you get so many ticketz....
    My payouts after one year and 3 month: 17.000$ Cash

    You can cry as much you want...
    if you have skill...you will make money!

    thats it
  • Aboutriot1, never seen ya on a list, on a table, nowhere. $17k? Do you know how many $8 wins that is risking $12 a pop? Is that all the games or pool only? Please be specific and maybe printout a portion of your winning run?
  • Btw, this isn't hostility, just trying to help the sight retain and gain smart, skilled players and grow. We all know this could be a here today gone tomorrow sight. Especially if some over zealous idiot in legislature bans it.
  • @chaos626 - I understand where ur coming from but first let me correct a few things starting with just a pet peave - sight vs site - web "site" vs web "sight" - site is a destination or place - sight is what you see.... again, just a pet peave (and FYI ur vs your is an abbreviation or slang of sorts done deliberately vs unknowingly using sight vs site or their vs there)

    Secondly with your math. You keep trying to make your point when your math is not correct therefore making your point NULL!
    You claim you pay $6 in a game to win $10 - AGREED?
    You then claim you stand to win $4 - AGREED?
    Your true win is $4 - AGREED?
    Your $6 before becomes $10 - this is correct.. however, you then say where is the other $8?!?!
    The other $8 DOESN'T EXIST!! If it did your opponent would be paying $8 & $6 = $14 and you'd pay $6 and your opponent would never risk $14 to win $10!
    You are saying the total game is for $20! (After the $12 game pays you $10 and skillz takes $2) but how did we get to $20??? If you pay $6 and your opponent pays $6, you have $12... the loser gets nothing - winner gets $10 and the dealer/house keeps $2. The $8 you speak of assumes you each stand to win $10 but essentially ONE OR THE OTHER STANDS TO WIN $10 NOT BOTH.
    If you still don't get this go to the store with your buddy, each of you go in and buy a six pack - you'll have two 6 packs for you and your buddy - then give both 6 packs to your wife as "the house" and she will have 12 beers total - fight your buddy for the prize of 10 beers... your wife keeps the "VIG" of 2 beers, and after your buddy beats ur ass ask him "Where the hell are my 8 beers!!?" He'll ask you "WTF ARE YOU SMOKIN!!?? We only started with 12 she drank two and I got 10, if you want one just ask but ur not gettin 8 of them, especially since you only brought 6 to the party!" Do you get it now!?? There are 12 dollars/beers total for a prize of 10... NOT 20.. not without someone putting eight more dollars in the pot!

    @Larku just doesn't know how to or hasn't been able to convey correctly to you how your math is so fkd up.. the only tkme ur math works is in a 6 on 6 street fight in the hood.. suddenly 8 more muthas jump out the bushes while ur busy readin "Math 4 Dummies" and takes ur $6.. or ur $12, only $6 was yours tho...
    IDK maybe this is a Socialist Pool Tournament where the winner gets $10 the govt gets $2 and the loser gets $8 from SNAP or welfare or the taxpayers!?!? This is the only way possible it could work I think!?
  • Idiots, go ahead and keep playing multiple games and you'll realize if you don't go 3-2 our of every five games, you won't break EVEN. @Naegle42 haven't seen you on a table yet. I'm always top 30. Hmmmmmm. You must be an Eagles fan. I'll refine my statement for idiots like you. Fail to win 2 out of every 3, fail to break even. Agreed?
  • Skillz makes their profit through multiple games played. As most know. If your ok with having to win 3 out of 4 games to make a profit. This site is for you. I'll look forward to beating your $&?! At the tables.
  • Btw, as most forget, your not winning $10, you've already paid $6 to play......oh yeah. Lol so I'll redefine .60 wins you .40, 3 wins you 2, 6 wins you 4, 12 wins you 8. Simpleton.
  • Hey @chaos626,

    We have many players cashing out significant amounts of real money. If you're good, you most certainly have the opportunity to win significant amounts. But as I've mentioned before, if you feel the stakes are not fair, your welcome to play for free virtual currency.

  • Thanks again Larku, now get 8 and 9 ball up and running and shad up. Love ya sweetykins.
  • Besides, this was an A and B conversation between myself and someone who doesn't even play.
  • Larku, remind our players how long cash outs take?
  • Hey @chaos626,

    Cashouts take time for protection of the players - it makes no difference to Skillz or ourselves, but to curb cheating player's games need to be vetted to ensure they were not taking advantage of other players by cheating in anyway. It's a cost to Skillz and ourselves to perform these vetting steps and we'd much rather not do it, but for the safety of all players it's required.

    Skillz are always looking to improve the time it takes to get cashouts, hopefully they get this down to a period that is more palatable for all players.

    There's always a reason behind such things - Skillz and ourselves certainly don't intentionally make things difficult for players - our players are our most important asset, without them we are nothing. We do all we can to make things as smooth as possible, unfortunately something are unavoidable and sometimes mistakes/bugs sneak through - we ware that pain also.

  • Do you mean, "extreme vetting?"
  • And it's wear
  • Your a Trump supporter I see. Hehe
  • ha, yes wear (fat fingers) ..

    The vetting process requires a number of things, some of these are quite manual, for example it could include watching recorded replays etc, to unsure no "funny business" is going on. As well as analysing other data to weed out any cheaters. This is paramount to ensuring a safe and fair playing environment. We'd be negligent if we did not take these steps.

  • @Naegle doesn't even play real money on this site. Yup, I checked the top 250. No where to be found.
  • Now just ensure you guys don't make up fake (sic) players and post under them. Lol. He's long gone, as are most who don't realize only the top 25% make it.
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    Hey @chaos626,

    I'm not aware what name @Naegle uses on Skillz, it could be very different to his forum name, so you may not easily recognise him/her in the leader-boards.

    We most certainly don't make up fake players/etc, that's not how we work. Posts from myself and Coeus are always us. Anyone else posting is doing so off-their-own-backs.

    We run an upfront and honest operation here. We have nothing to hide and no reason to impersonate other players :).

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