Some or most know what this is. Pay attention to and if possible view matches, report "very" noticeable obvious aided play. Perfect angles shots and set ups, perfect runs of balls in perfect mathematical order. You can actually graph it. No one finishes with 30-40 in a game for high stakes in under 2 minutes and has an 8 or 9 game streak at all times. Yes, that loss is to throw off the obvious. Be wary, but enjoy. They need more bandwidth now that tourneys are added, skippy play at times. Just helping not bashing. I took a hard loss because of good play many times but if we start at same time and u sink 30 to my 16. In half or a quarter of the time, slow your program down (I play fairly fast and make mistakes), some are too predictable. Just IMHO. Will not point out anyone I suspect on forums.
  1. A script can figure out the order, aim, strength and English of every shot from post break to next?0 votes
    1. I believe some players use the aid of programs to win at times.
    2. I believe everyone plays fairly.


  • Hey @chaos626,

    If you've seen any suspicious activity please report the game ID's to myself or Skillz and we'll investigate.

  • I take back ANYTHING I ever said about the possibility of players cheating. I've lost my respect for the company and looking forward to, hopefully, this great game pairing up with a fair, balanced, and moved to do right by integrity company other than Skillz.
    Ever have a delay caused by who knows what, yet, a short one, happen when starting a game? Of course, all the time. Based on traffic, players, programs running. Sure,
    Ever have that game disappear because it took longer than usual to load, taking your $ with it? Every have pictures of it happening and being told, "It would be unfair to take the challengers win away"? Absolutely. Then ask them to give you the equal amount as a sign of integrity? $8.50 - $6 lost by a late entry unfinished the day before because Skillz cuts the tournaments off at the time limit in games, that day, killing a 38 ball run, making it actually $2???
    Then ASK, AFTER PROVIDING THE PROOF (Actual screenshots, 3 of them, time lapsed over a minute, OF THE ERROR FOR WHAT AMOUNTED TO $2 to be given back to show they care and are taking responsibility for errors because they have integrity?

    Me neither, but I still have the screenshots and my best advice as a VIP PLAYER. Don't keep too much money in SKILLZ until they show they can be trusted. This was $2 (and I have money in my account. It was principle). Be wary all. A bear doesn't give you your fish back because he knocked it in the lake......
  • IM REDOING ALL MY POSTS AND ADMITTING I WAS WRONG. OHH, LOL, NOT THIS ONE. my OLDER BATTLES WITH @Larku. I apologize, I was certainly wrong. I'm going to start getting you exposure for free everywhere I can until a trustworthy company pays ya, keeps players happy, keeps players period, and you can make the money you deserve.
  • Cheers @chaos626, we appreciate the support.

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