multi million dollar company. Fear of phone support?

why do you have no phone support. dont claim to be small. all info on this company in Wikipedia. you can afford it. provide proper customer support please.
Telephone support.
  1. Do you think Skillz should have live telephone support?2 votes
    1. yes
    2. no


  • Hey @chaos626,

    We're not Skillz, this is the Real Money Pool support forum so I can only speculate on the services Skillz provide.

    Telephone support is a very impractical method of support for a company with a global user base. I'd estimate that there is no practical/economical way to provide phone support.

  • you mean like every major company that does business in the United States? Not trying to be a wise ass, but come on. Even sanitation, the local grocery store, andthe restaurant next door has a phone number foor contact. if skillz is who we have to bring up issues with, then, whats their contact info with phone number? btw, again, can you answer my question as to why you wait so long for a "challenger" when one isnt available however, upon playing another few games, there are people playing, all of whom could hqve been matched with a played game, as i hqve been in the past. also, since there are bugs that still cause the game to quit, thankfully, not as much right before matches, they still exist in IOS upon tickets/ trophy viewing. instant program quit upon trying to view that dont exist on android. please fix, i.e provide 8 and 9 ball games and keep up on an app that far exceeds many in physics, yet fails in simple tasks. i have given up on the lost $12-18 caused by crashes iwithout game IDs. i am also looking forward to buying stock in skillz parent company. the future of gaming. get it together. its got so much potential!
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