Verifying email

They say they sent you an email to verify your account but you don't get it....unless it went to junk. Checking... Nope no verification email sent. So I've lost a few bucks. It's a lot when you consider their VIG is 20%!!!
Lost entri s. Too high a VIG.20%
  1. Do you believe 24$ to play a $20 match is too high a VIG for the skills team2 votes
    1. Does your app crash?
    2. Do you lose money, entries, etc. when the app crashes?


  • Hey @chaos626,

    If you ever lose from the game crashing, please submit a support request to Skillz including the game ID and they will fix things up for you. Skillz support is very good!

  • Where is the game I'd if it hasn't started? Neurosurgeons u are not. Address verifying email failures. It's the same I signed up with. Is used on more than 1 of your games and lower the high %20 rake. Don't be greedy on an app that doesn't even function fully yet. Here's pool...oh but no 8 or 9 ball. .?...???
  • Actually I'm the idiot for paying. And I do well. Lol
  • Hey @chaos626,

    I sympathise with you at the problems you're having. It's unfortunate that our very recent release has these issues effecting you. This is not the normal for our game and we'll have things back to normal very soon!

    If a game did not start then you won't be charged for it. If you're charged it will be in your list of played games, from there you can get the game id and give that to Skillz and they'll fix things up for you.

    It is very frustrating to have 8/9 ball disabled and it will be re-enabled very soon.

    We don't have any access here to user account and email address information. You'll need to get that fixed with Skillz.

    If there's anything I can do for you, let me know.

  • a contact number (phone) with support!
  • app crashes ing middle of games. then i lose. app remains open in background sometimes but upon clicking on it, it simply reboots. im your 13th ranked player and have lost between $12 and $30+ do to crashes. to say, tell us whoch game? its a few i lost because of disconnect. also, it auto startong games i didnt want to play! ive deposited over $200?? ive lost alot because of bugs. when you cant finish a game, you lose. please fix!!!!! look at my game history I see if i was booted. you guys know damn well which games i was booted from and lost money. you may also, god forbid, have a virus as my ipad recently reset. mneverr had a problem before skillz!!!! pleaae provide a contact number!!
  • Hey @chaos626,

    I'm sorry your having such issues. We have never had any reports of the game crashing in the middle of a game so any more info you can provide on this would be very useful.

    If you ever lose money due to a crash or bug, you need to report the game id and issue to Skillz and they will refund you, we take these things seriously. But I can't do anything for you here, all user accounts, cash, etc is handled by Skillz. We (the game developers) have no such access to any of this information.

    We're unable to look at your game history, Skillz is a cash platform and they take their system security very seriously. We have no access to any player data.

    If you've lost money due to bugs, please report them to Skillz and they will refund you.

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