Greetings from the Skillz Community Manager

Hi, everyone!

My name is Rowsdower and I'm the Community Manager at Skillz. Pleased to make your acquaintance :) While Larku is holding things down really well around here, I just wanted to introduce myself from the Skillz side of things.

I hope you've been having a great time playing Real Money Pool. On the same token, I'd love to know how we can help make that great time even better! Are there any tournaments or events you might like to see? What other thoughts or suggestions come to mind? I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for reading!


  • Hi Rowsdower,

    We're very pleased to have you here as the Skillz representative, welcome aboard!

    As Rowsdower said, we're always keen to hear what you do like, don't like and would like to see in Real Money Pool (and Skillz as a platform), we love the feedback (positive or negative).

  • Let's get some multi-round tournaments like other Skillz apps have. And maybe have some expert mode tournaments, also.
  • Absolutely!

    We've got a number of improvement in the works which include multi-round tournaments, expert mode and some more exciting features also! I can't give specifics yet, but they are close to completion and will expect them to be available soon!

    We're open to all ideas - feedback from our players is VERY important to us, so please shoot away with any ideas!

  • Hello guys, i agree to @HobbitFlimsy1 , it would be awesome to make some multi-round tournaments!
    second thing: i like playing fast pool very much, so it would be nice to make some 5$ or 10$ single games of it, or some daily tournaments. thanks
  • hey again, 10 ball would be great if you create and add this sort of game )
  • Instant PayPal payments would definitely be an upgrade..I wouldn't mind sharing this on my social meida if this was the case although I do enjoy the game a lot! It's the only game on my phone.
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    Hi @unarebi,

    Indeed, we too want to offer more game types and we will do in the future. We have many different game types we could enable but first we need to build a sufficient user base.

    We're always interested to hear what game types users want to help us decide which to offer. So please keep the ideas coming :)

  • Hi @fashionkilla95,

    I'll let @Rowsdower reply regarding instant PayPal payment (since this is a Skillz thing). But yes I agree instant PayPal payments would be fantastic!

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    Hey I'm trying to locate the maker or creator or whoever can help me with my problem.. so I member I downloaded this game for like a day.. played it then Uninstalled it.. and I didn't purchase anything but for some reason my card wants to charge me.. now Luckily I have no money in the card I have on file with my apple account.. but now every time I download a game it says that I have a pending payment and it keeps saying card declined and this was the last game I downloaded.. I check all my recent app purchases/downloads and that was the only one.. FYI I don't really download too much games or any.. was jus bored at the time.. but anyways, so if there was something accidentally tapped on somehow I would like it removed, cuz I do want to put money in my card and then I get charged for something I did not purchase.. so please I have all my information ready... please contact me ASAP!!
  • Hi @la21991,

    For all cash transaction support you'll need to contact Skillz directly on and they'll sort out your issue.

  • Id
    Like to suggest do the macth code so that can everyone see whos they can play to and put a little bit higher stake for love tournament
  • And i suggest that make a friends list so if you want to play someone you know make easy for us to find a match
  • Higher stakes speed pool! For the love of God make it happen already. Seriously disadvantageous to all us speed poolers. Can't climb the leader board. I've been commenting about this. Please and thank you.
  • Hey @MFKN2,

    I hear you :) I'll press the point again to help make this happen faster!

    I appreciate your enthusiasm about this!

  • Hi it has been about a good 6 months and i never got my money. Never have seen a check for the amount that i withdrew. How can i go about this?!?
  • Hi @chilo2890,

    Ahh, that's terrible - please submit a support request with Skillz on and they'll help you out.

    Please keep me updated.

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