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Clicked on app like i normally do and it opens, then click on button to open my waiting games...... I am on my profile but I have another players id


  • Hey @slimthehater,

    Wow, that sounds crazy!

    Thank you for reporting this - can you lodge a support request with Skillz via

    I'll also be contacting them immediately.

    Could I also get your Skillz username and id? (PM me if you'd prefer to keep it non public).

  • I deleted the app and reinstall it, everything is good now
  • Aha, Thanks.

    This still sounds like a serious issue - did anything change to make this happen in the first place? I'd like to ensure this can not happen again.

    Thanks again for contacting us about this.

  • If I would've waited to see what you said I could've snapped shot and posted it but I didn't, sorry, but thanks for a speedy response
  • No probs at all,

    I'm just glad it didn't cause you any serious issues!

    We're still looking into it this end (Skillz are) - as we really need to understand what happened.

  • Nothing on my side, just clicked on app and to play, warning window popped up saying I'd doesn't match, it was another person at 333 standings, I will go find his name and be right back to you
  • Not sure where that I'd went, he isn't at 333, looked down and up in the standings, next time if it happens I will screenshot it
  • Thanks @slimthehater,

    I really appreciate you effort looking into that for me.

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