I just downloaded your pool game for cash, and I am already having issues. Problem is I am unable to take my turn, I click on one of them the screen will flash and the selection screen will come back on, and I am unable to do anything because it is frozen, at times I will get a message and I click the okay button and reselect another or the same one and the app closes on me. I have reset my device several times and have removed app and reinstalled it 4 times.
I have 15 games at $3 dollars a piece, 15 • $3 = $45
I have 2 games at $1 dollar piece, 2 • $1 = $2
I would like to get my money back. I was told to contact skillz and you would gladly refund my money to my account for have it is out of my control. I am not the only person with these issues.


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