I just signed up 10$ from my account, trying to play but ended up playing with "we are still looking for players" at the end my money is been cut!!!
Can someone tell me what's going on here!!!


  • I'm still here waiting to get answers!!!
  • Hi @DeICON,

    I'm not sure what your question is?

    When you play a game of it can sometimes take some time for you to be matched with an opponent, depending on how quickly an opponent can be found. During this time the system will say it's "still looking for players".

    When you're matched you will be notified.

    Does that help?

  • So Do I have to wait all day like I have nothing else to do?
    How am I even sure there are players to really get matched with? Or is this a means of ......!!!!
    How do I get notified, to be sure there are players online before I play a bet?
    I see players, yes when playing/match without money but I really haven't met any since I signed up with my $10
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    Hi @DeICON,

    It should not take too long to get matched. Usually just a few minutes but there are times when it can take longer. It all depends on how many players are online at that time.

    You'll be notified by a popup notification (if you've allowed them when asked) or you'll be notified by the game if it's open.

    The reason why it can take longer to get matched for cash games is that there are usually significantly more people playing for Z coin than cash, as such matching for Z coin games tends to happen quicker.

    I understand the turn based matching can be frustrating at first - but it can give great advantages (you can compete even if other's are not online at the same time ).

    Most of our players end up really liking the advantages that turn based play and matching brings - once they get used to it :)

    We hope you're liking the game!

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