Poll: Do you want an expert level tournament with check aim disabled?

Currently all our tournaments allow the use of the "Check Aim" (Eye Icon) function that changes view angle to more accurately see where the ball will go and also provides more precise aiming.

We are able to add tournaments that have this feature disabled if enough users want this.
Poll - new tournaments.
  1. Do you want an expert level tournament with check aim disabled?9 votes
    1. Yes - for 8 ball please.
    2. Yes - for 9 ball please.
    3. Yes - for Straight Pool please.
    4. No thanks.


  • Hello my name Is ABG flash
  • Hi @COTTO,

    Welcome to the forum.

    It appears that there is some interest in some expert level tournaments - we will certainly consider enabling some soon.

  • Check aim is good I say leave it because it will help improve players games in real life I literally see the lines on a real table from playing so much.. The lines make it easier for new players to get the hang of the game.. but it can't help you if your opponent can play a good safe =]
  • Hey @djspinbyte,

    We'd never remove check aim from the beginner levels. We've already got some expert mode game available now - they're great fun and really tests your skill. For myself it's much closer to playing on a real table - hard shots are equally hard (IMO) which is great for competition.

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