Diamond Placement on The Table

I've definitely grown to love playing RMP, mostly because the game play is so much better. The advanced tutorial alone tells me that the designers of the game really understand the importance of cue ball control. I also think it's pretty cool that we can do masse shots. Banking and kicking, however, is difficult to gauge because the diamond placement on the table is apparently only there for decoration. Definitely a strange issue for a pool game of this caliber. Could someone kindly give me a ray of hope that this will be corrected in a future release? Thanks!

BTW, for those who aren't familiar with the purpose of the diamonds on a pool table, do a quick search on YouTube for "The Diamond System for Pool". You'll be amazed at how much understanding this can boost your game in real life, and someday soon in RMP!
Diamond on the Table
  1. On the RMP table, are the diamonds on the rail accurate?3 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Don't Know
    4. Don't Care


  • Hi Str8AheadCue,

    I'm Terence, I work on the graphics in the game. Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. You're quite right the diamonds are not accurate. I'll fix this as soon as possible. (Hopefully within the next few updates.)

    We're all really glad you are enjoying the game and that you appreciate the efforts we're making to create the best mobile pool game available. To that end, we're constantly improving the game and we're genuinely grateful when people point out mistakes to us.

    As I think you realise, we are all cue sports players, so we probably should have known about importance of the diamonds. In my defence, I'm based in the United Kingdom and my background is snooker and English pool where there are no diamonds on the tables so I'd never heard of the diamond system. But nonetheless, you're right, this is an area we can improve and I will do so very soon.

    Thanks again Str8AheadCue, if you have any more comments or criticism, please let us know. We're always interested in feedback. Particularly from players with a refined understanding of the sport.

  • Thanks for the positive response, Terence. Snooker is truly the purest form of cue sports, and doesn't give the competitor ANY advantage. Of course, RMP is portrayed on a table closer to a 9' Brunswick, so until Skillz adds a snooker variation of the game, y'all have to play like us Yanks!
    Seriously, the best resource for understanding the diamond system is Zero-X Billiards. Until I completely master cue control, there will always be a need for good kicking and banking technique, and this guy is an awesome teacher.
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