How to play for cash.

To play in cash tournaments you must be in a jurisdiction/location that allows cash gaming, to determine this, you'll need to give the game access to location services in your device settings, then scroll down and find the listing for the "Real Money Pool" app ensure that 'Location" set to 'While Using'.

Next, to play for cash you need to deposit some cash into your account by:

1) Choose "SKILLZ STORE" from the Skillz menu (in the menu that has "PLAY MATCH", "FRIENDS", "SKILLZ STORE" & "RANKINGS"
2) Choose "ADD MORE CASH"
3) Choose your deposit amount

Then follow the prompts.

Now head to the tables and start winning!


  • Hello
    I am in South Africa, I am allowed to play?
  • Hey @motlatsi,

    Cash play parts of the system are handled by Skillz. shoot an email to and they'll be able to tell you.

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