Unfair break

There were a couple players playing that were making a ball on the break and getting shape on a 2-9 combination pretty regularly. It was a meadium speed break. I'm not going to get too much into specifics cause I don't want it to be ubiquitous but they would make a ball. Line up with the 1 in the side and then there would be a 2 nine combination. It happened regular enough to warrant this post. I don't mind the ball on the break, but all the other balls besides the 9 and the 1 should be randomly placed. If the 2-9 like up every time or close to, the two ball must be placed in a the same spot.

I haven't seen it lately. It was just 2 players. has anybody else seen this?


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    Hi @RozWeezy,

    Thanks for coming forward with your concerns.

    We totally understand your concern and you'd be crazy not to question anything that looks suspicious.

    Real Money Pool is a real simulation and like real life any shots that are played the same will yield similar results. It's impossible to get "exactly the same" input for 2 shots, but you can get close and get similar outcome - nothing about a shot is ever 'random' or 'calculated' - it's always a real simulation.

    With regards to the placement of the balls (in 9 ball) - all balls except the 1 and the 9 are randomly sorted when racking every game.

    But like in real life, you're going to see similar-ish breaks and similar plays on them.

    Does this explain what you're seeing?

  • I can affirm to his testimony there is one player I'm paired with that uses a unfair break every time to cheat the system and get a easy 2-9 combo shot on 8/10 breaks I will provide over 20 match ID if needed user name is MIkeDubU
  • Hey @djspinbyte,

    I understand your frustration - our game's physics performs a real simulation for every shot and attempts to match real world physics as best we can. This of course means that just like in the real world there will be particular shots and setups that can be achieved if you know how and where to shoot. Real world players take advantage of this in a similar way.

  • I have to agree with @djspinbyte. However, I have about a 50/50 record with MikedubU.
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