I wish to suggest if you could introduce real money pool in Kenya. In Kenya, there are Pool tables everywhere and almost 97% of these places people play for real money at a fee.Also the mode of payment in Kenya is fast and easy through mobile money, information here spreads fast and almost everybody has a smartphone. kindly advise if interested so I can provide you with full details and market analysis of Kenya 's pool population. My email address is


  • Hi @KRAUCH,

    Thank you for your interest!

    Real money play should be available in all jurisdictions where it's legal. I don't know specifically if cash play is available in Kenya or not but I'll forward on your recommendations to the relevant person.

    I'll also check to see if real money play is a possibility for the future if it is not now - I'll let you know.

    Again, thanks for contacting us and expressing the opportunity you see there. We'll certainly look into it and get back to you.

  • Thanks for the response Larku.
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