One pocket and 16 player tournaments Everyone read this

First I like to start with one pocket. This game is a lot of fun 1 game in real life might take 2 hours. The main flaw with game is it is too easy to make balls, but I think that is taking care of with the no check aim.

One pocket is basically you have to make 8 balls in your pocket before the other person makes their 8 in their pocket. It is more strategy than shooting balls and be loads of fun. Mostly very experienced players play this game.

Now as for the 16th man tournament.

Imagine if you have a 16 man tournament for a $12 buy in. Same rate as paying for a $20 single match.

16 players put up $12 each equals $192

Winner take all prize money could be around $100 or whatever

I've already done the calculations by taking a 6th if you were to pay out $100 of $192 you would be missing 3 matches in a 16 man tournament with 4 rounds.

My next suggestion if that is possible with the tournament. Why stop at 16 why not 256 players which is 16 times 16 now the prize money is $1600. You make the numerical value for whatever you want. Just a suggestion. That I think would work well.


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    Hi @bbl,

    Welcome to the forums! We really appreciate your input here.

    One Pocket - absolutely - a great game and is a format that we already have implemented but is not live in the current game. A very strategic game and will fit this format very well.

    We need to wait until we have a larger user base before we introduce new game formats (like One Pocket) as we'd fragment the user base too much and no players will get matched.

    We have a number of different game formats that we will introduce as the user base grows.

    I also agree that tournaments of greater number of players is a great idea and we'd love to have this also. We will discuss the possibility of doing this with Skillz. Hopefully they can support this functionality as we'd also love to have provide this in our game. The prospect of yielding far greater winnings for your buy-in is very attractive for most players.

    Again, thanks for your input - you're obviously a very experienced player.

  • Thanks for the reply lark and compliment.

    Just wanted to illustrate two ideals that I think would do very well. I understand the reasons, and having a larger user base.

  • Well today I wnt to play diamond strike, after I finished the game a add popped up for live event tournament.

    1.00 prize money is $100

    Hope this will be here for pool, getting tired of playing the same people after waiting two days for a straight pool game to end
  • Hey @bbl,

    Agreed, this would be an excellent tournament format.

    We will discuss with Skillz to see if we can get some similar format tournaments.

  • The only problem with having a tournament right now is that it would take forever. We would need a live system like the tournaments in mini clips 8 ball pool.
  • Well guess what we have it yeaaaa, just hope I can get some action I am ranked so high, although i let my father play and he has been playing often so it's not a total waste.

  • 7 days too long for any tournament IMHO. 3-4 Max. Been sitting on one near completion except some bunghole started it, played a round and basically said time to go to work while everyone else finished. I'd suggest much lower time periods for 16 and under. Large, of course, need longer and maybe use a collective average, drop it a few points for quitters or those who can't get off bowl,
  • Hey @bbl, @chaos626,

    Yes, it's great to have the tournaments live. We'll work on getting the parameters optimised for faster completion etc!

  • Sir, If you don't get 20% of all fees back to your players by 7 p.m. Est. I'm exposing skillz on the news and here. Brilliant, pure brilliance. How to get ##% more and even make it so 80% winners pay. Refund everyone's but none of mine. Keep 20% and fix the fees immediately.
  • Hey @chaos626,

    Sorry I'm not sure what you're saying.

  • I'm saying you have a 60% rake.
  • You do not win say $20, the 12$ fee is deducted at the start. Should you win, you get $20, total, your initial $12 and $8. You do NOT win $20 if you've already put up $12 of your money.. I'm amazed, try that one at a real pool hall, they're take ya outback, lol. Online, it's just numbers and excitement. Greed killed the good poker sites, It'll kill this. You don't need 60% for operating costs. You don't even have a phone bill ;)
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    Hi @chaos626
    You think our rake is 60%? I'm afraid your maths is way off. Our rake is 16.6667%.
    Before you expose us "on the news and here"! I'd advise you to double check here....
    ...or it might get a bit embarrassing for you...
  • Um, I spelled it out and yes my original numbers had unintentional errors. And I'll make it simple as a single game example rather than a string of games. I have to pay $12 to ever a game, ok here you are, my opponent also has to pay $12 to enter a game, he pays it upfront as well. We are now 12$ poorer and doing battle. One of us wins. We get, $20 back, $12 of it we paid prior to entering, leaving a profit of 8$ To winner. 6$ And the opponents $12 entry fee for you. An $18 profit off the match. Want me to further embarrass? Or we good on this one? Does it not cost 12 to enter, doe thy bankroll not go down said 12 prior, is victor not paid a set $20 after. Don't underestimate the son of a.....never mind. I think u made yourself look foolish enough already. Leave this one up and let people vote on who's correct here. I'm moving on, grieving about the high hopes I had for this thing, it's great inception, the selling of it, the software progress, and then the greedy execs that are gonna get it ruined. Ya don't want more players. It's low maintenance, easy money, and ...ding ding.
  • Oh, check the section you didn't get to about multiplying percentages nitwit.
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    Hey @chaos626,

    I'm not following your maths there.

    Two opponents, $12 entered each gives total entry of $24

    Skillz takes $4, winner takes $20

    4 / 24 = 0.166667 = 16.6667%

    Skillz keeps a total of $4 of the $24 entered. Everything else is returned to the players.

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    You said...
    ..."We get, $20 back, $12 of it we paid prior to entering, leaving a profit of 8$ To winner. 6$ And the opponents $12 entry fee for you. An $18 profit off the match."

    If the winner gets $20 and we take $18 as well. That's $38 in total. Where on earth is all this money coming from?

    @chaos626, you're wasted here my friend. Clearly you're a financial genius of miraculous proportions. You can get $38 out of a total fund of $24. :D

    But seriously chaos, honestly check your sums. You've made a mistake. Our rake is %16.6667. That's very modest considering the technology, security and quality we provide.

    We wouldn't dream of charging 60% rake. That would be absurd. No one would have a chance of winning any money and it would defeat the whole purpose of what we're doing. With a mere 16% rake, we can fund the system and people can win life changing sums of money. It's happening right now!
  • Again. Your leaving out the part where you keep the players entry fee. Therefore their return is .40 on a $1 game. Winning on this site will return 66% of your risk while being matched with equal competition makes your odds of winning over multiple games 50%. Players, your return will not result in profit unless you play tournaments only. My math, is correct. Your TOTAL take on any game. Is 66% every game everytime. $1.20 cents wagered. You keep $0.80 regardless of who wins. You do not make 16.6666% If so, where does my fee if I win go? It's 60% of the "win".
  • Explain to me, if my Balance is $26 , how I would make $34 for a total of $60?
    Stop avoiding stating that you don't make 66% per game. Stop avoiding the fact and statement that you keep, from every game, one entry fee and 16%.
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    Macam mana saya nak mulakan permainan????
  • @chaos626, as stated in other threads - Skillz takes 16.6667% rake. If you can't accept that, then we can't help you. We've shown you how it works, you're arguing semantics that don't make any sense.

    There is no point in us arguing about this anymore - we've expressed our view, you've expressed yours.

    Let's move on.

  • i made my point. now, what happened to tournaments? My only reason to continue playing?
  • Lol. This is the most ridiculous and entertaining conversation I've read in a while. @chaos you're wrong, just wrong. However your argument with game management personnel is making me laugh. I'll try to explain it once more.

    If you play me for $1,Each of us pays $0.60 entry fee

    $0.60 x 2 = $1.20 total pot

    You win & get back $1.00. Which is your $0.60 initial fee + $0.40 of my fee

    Skillz keeps $0.20 of my fee.

    The $1.00 you won + the $0.20 Skillz keeps = the entire pot.

    There is no more money for Skillz to keep.

    You cannot argue grade school arithmetic.


  • Your welcome to your opinion. The problem is up for those to interpret themselves. I'm not alone in my argument, or, recent lack of. Again, your forgetting that $12 was yours to begin with. Pay it and lose, your down $12, pay it and win, you are +8. It's we're you get into multiple games where that %20, as you have stated, not 16.666% really kills ya. Win twice, your up $16, lose once, 2-1 record leaves u up $4. Go 3-2 your even. Now see where I get 66% from? Your math only works for a single match, which no one plays. We all play multiple matches. It's an equation for multiple match players,, not one match "simple math". In contrast, Vegas, (or Delaware) if I bet 3 $100 football games and go 2-1. I win $200, lose $110 for a profit of $90. I don't break even. If you don't get it, total your win lose record and see where you stand. If you don't win more than 2/3 of your matches, you don't win. Period.
  • And you expect them to offer this service for nothing? Write checks to the winners for nothing have staff for nothing? Pay out a chunk % as a prize pool to top 30 players for nothing give away boats and porches for nothing.. They have to make money like if you can't understand that I feel it's a personal issue.. And after reading this thread I'd jus like to say thanks for adding the recent $100 4 player touri it was a simple solution to add a huge prize without the time it would take for a 16 match touri.. Like they give you bonus cash with every deposit so you can build up your balance this incentive based app does everything it can in favor of the players and the money is well spent and legit.. Chaos if your looking for a even split bet then shoot some at your local pool hall and put up 10 and your opponent puts up ten but then you win and they don't wanna give up your winnings n your left with zero profit and a black eye from a scuffle.. skillz is entertaining enough that allowing a small weekly budget to enjoy the thrill is totally fine for most people heck most people spend more on lotto and scratch offs anyway which is jus blind gambling.. Pool takes strategy and therefore top players will rise n novices will advance to those top spots aswell
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