accidentally zoom mistakes

Hey anyone here, who has sometimes a accidentally zoom, since that is possible with 2 fingers?

I want to find out if I 'm too stupid :)


  • I keep getting an extreme bird's eye view. The table looks tiny.
  • Hey @luscious,

    As @aboutriot1 pointed out, the pinch zoom functionality we added in the last release has some hiccups (I'm being polite here :) )..

    We've just finished a major overhaul on the cameras functionality, including zooming (pinch zooming can be turned off, default zoom levels set, etc). We've also added a bunch of other settings you can tweak (and one that might please you a lot :) )

    This should fix any of the zoom bugs and allow you to configure it to work like you want.

    The new release should be out very soon.

  • Could anyone explain why, for no reason whatsoever I suddenly mishit the cue ball in the straight pool games? It's happened at least a dozen times since I started playing for cash and every single time it's when a new rack has appeared and I'm about to run the cue ball into it. It seems very coincidental and as I'm not adding spin or heaps of power? Also, with the straight pool the game says LAST ENTRY in ?? mins when in fact you have to have finished your run for it to count in the group tournament. There also should be a tournament time left countdown clock while ur playing as u have to just guess sometime after the 5 min warning and deliberately miss. Cheers,
  • Hi @igetnorespect,

    I'm sorry you're having issues.

    Re the "mis-hit": can you explain what happens in a bit more detail? We've not had any reports of this happening before so I'm not familiar with what may be happening.

    We certainly do not do any specific things that would make something like that happen - so it may be some type of bug.

    Thanks for letting us know about the discrepancy in last entry time - I agree, entry implies "start game by" not "finish game by"

    We will pass this on to Skillz (they handle the tournament entry stuff)..

    Thanks again for contacting us about this and I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  • after releasing the power the game kind of pauses for a second or two then when it hits the ball it miscues and hits with a lot less power and can spray cue ball way left or right. Also with the straight pool, why is it not possible to know ur opponents score b4 u start? We should be told whether we're setting a score or chasing a score, It would make it more interesting to have a target. The way it is just creates suspicion as it seems a score can be selected after completion. Cheers
  • Hi @igetnorespect,

    Hmm, that 'miscue' issue sounds very strange. We have not heard of this happening before.

    What type of device are you using?

    I agree that chasing a score would be great! The matching is all performed by Skillz, and unfortunately we don't get any control over it.

    I understand the concerns/suspicion regarding 'selecting scores'. Note, neither Skillz or ourselves care who wins, our revenue remains the same regardless. We'd have a lot more to lose than gain from doing anything suspicious there. It's far more important to provide a fair and fun environment to compete. Skillz take this very seriously and have a lot of safeguards in place to ensure safe and fair play for all. Skillz matching is always done score blind (scores are never ever considered when matching players).

  • that 'miscue' issue sounds like a lagging issue.
    i solved this problem after reinstalling the app.

  • straighpool - opponents score b4 u start?

    wow...that would be such a huge benefit for the second player.
    You just have to trust the skillz system - wich wasnt unbelievably since i know skillz. (march 2015)
  • Using an earlier ipad. Not sure if it's lag cos it has only ever happened at the same point of the game (when new rack appears) and if it was lagging it'd still hit straight and with selected power, I'll try reinstalling the app and see what happens. Regarding 'opp score b4 start' and the second player having a huge benefit, could aboutriot1 explain how? Thanks.
    P.S. When fouling by potting the white I think it would be a more realistic pool exp if the camera angle didn't change b4 the ball is potted. Is there a way to put this option in the next update? Thanks again
  • Hey @igetnorespect,

    I agree, if it's happening at only that moment then it's not likely related to lagging (and lagging will never effect the outcome of a shot - it's never device performance influenced).

    Regarding the scratch camera cuts - we actually have many new features in our latest release (will be out soon) that allows you to manage things just like this (yep, you can turn scratch cuts off!) One of our reasons for the camera cut is that there can be situations where the pocket (and scratching) may not be visible - this could leave players thinking "what happened", but you'll be able to fix that soon!

    I won't talk for aboutriot as he likely has is own reasons, but I could speculate that if I knew I only needed 1 more ball to win then my strategy could change drastically as I could simply pot the last ball without needing to break the rack on the same or subsequent shot - ie, I could avoid taking some risky shots as I know they're unnecessary.

    There are many other such situations that I could image too..

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