Trouble logging into your account?

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From the Skillz menu (the three dash menu in the top right) Please try:

1) Open menu
2) Click 'Account'
3) Click 'Switch Accounts'
4) Enter your user details - if your username does not work, try your email address

If that doesn't help please try:

1) Uninstall the game completely.
2) Reinstall from iTunes/App store.
3) When the game opens and you get to the first Skillz screen, click the 'SIGN IN' button
4) Enter your user details - if your username does not work, try your email address
5) If it doesn't allow you to log in, go through the "Forgot Username/Password" procedure and then try logging in again


  • I was logged in through my Facebook and unlocked some cues. After today's update I had to restart. I tried logging in with my Facebook again but I still had to start over with pic and username. So when I put in my user name that I used before it said name already taken. Lost all my stuff. Then I tried to log in through Facebook again and nothing. Start all over with a different name!? BS update.
  • Hi Rocket620,

    I'm sorry you're having this issue. Unfortunately your login is not related to your Facebook account.

    To keep your account information between installs, you need to create a Skillz account. You are typically prompted to do so.

    I can possibly unlock your cues from our end.

    Let me know if that would help and I'll forward you the instructions.

  • I tried to log in and it said my thing is suspended
  • Wtf u took all my money I will call a lawyer if u don't give back my money
  • Hey @bugsy13,

    Please contact for account issues.

  • I made an account, but I don't want it anymore. How do I delete it?
  • Hi @JohnnyGrant689,

    Are you referring to an account here on this forum or a Skillz account created in our game?

  • Hi @Larku I think it was on this website, not in the game.
  • Hi @JohnnyGrant689,

    Unless there is a pressing need to delete your account (I will do if you want) it's best to just leave it as is.

  • I want it deleted please, if possible?
    thank you :)
  • Sure, deleting now.
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