Fair matching system and leagues

I understand why the fair matching system is used but I don't believe it should be used in the highest stakes games ($10 and $20). I'm unable to fairly compete in the league because I don't get matched up with enough people. The only person I ever play in the $20s is AboutRiot. It would also hurt lower skilled players who may try to rack up medals as well since they would have to wait forever to play someone at their skill level.


  • As soon as I posted this I finally got matched up with a different person but the point still stands that many players don't have a chance to put up a high score in the league.
  • Hey @B_Dirty,

    We feel your frustration and apologise.

    Skillz handles all the matching within their systems so we can't directly change anything ourselves. But we will certainly pass on your points.

    I agree that the matching has some challenges but this situation should get significantly better soon as the number of players increases. This is beginning to happen now, so the pool of users to be matched with will grow.

    I'd like to revisit your situation in a two weeks or so to see if you're seeing any improvement, so it'd be great if you could let us know how things go.


  • Ok, thanks. I will comment on this in a couple weeks.
  • Hi just want to say to anyone reading this. I can say there will be a huge increase in players within the next two months.

  • That's good. I'm struggling between not getting enough matches to stay competitive or people playing so slowly when I do match. Is there any chance the walkover time gets lowered from a week between turns?
  • Hey @bbl, sounds great, looking forward to seeing them all come on board.

  • Hey @giggitygintz,

    We totally sympathise with the matching issues and the walkover time.

    We experimented with shorter walkover time (1 day) but it didn't prove popular. One issue is that simply being caught up for a short period of time can cause the game to be aborted.

    We would love to have the shortest walkover time possible, but unfortunately it doesn't fit all players well.

    Over time as the number of players increases this should become less of an issue.

  • Thanks for the response. I guess the matching issue is probably more prevalent. I've never played against the people that are constantly in the top 2 or 3 in the leaderboards. I don't know how to unseat them if I can't ever play them.

    Whatever level I'm at now just doesn't produce enough matches for me to stay competitive for the top 3 bonus. I go hours at a time without taking a turn even when I have 7-8 pending matches in progress. Could just be bad luck or timing, it's just hard playing catch up from so far behind.
  • I agree with giggitygintz, the walkover time is frustratingly long. I currently have 8 $20 games (which is almost my bankroll) tied up with aboutriot because he hasn't been playing this week. I would like to see it at 1 day but I think 3 days would work for the majority of players.
  • Hey @giggitygintz, @B_Dirty,

    Yes that is frustrating.I'll certainly be passing this onto Skillz, it's very useful feedback.

    Note, we did try 1 day and at the time we tried it it seemed to have some negative consequences so it was switched back to 6.

    I'll will bring these points up with Skillz in our next meeting.

  • Thanks for the responses. It's all kind of a bummer now anyways with the payouts going so far down. I totally get why it's being done but with number one paying less than third place used to, theres nothing left worth chasing. It's too minor of a prize and it's less of an accomplishment. Felt good to try and get top 3 and actually get something for it.
  • Hey @giggitygintz,

    Yeah that is certainly an issue in itself.

    I agree that the current payout structure may be too wide. Skillz are to some degree 'experimenting' with different payout structure lengths. I expect one of two things will happen here:

    1) More players will become engaged due to the greater chance of having some payout and will increase the prize pool considerably (and there for increasing the payouts for all places - which may be larger than what was being paid out for the top 3 previously).

    2) If (1) doesn't happen, then I'd expect the number of places to be reduced to make the top place payouts be more attractive.

    Your disappointment with the new structure is very important to us and we will be working with Skillz to optimize the payout structure to give the best experience for all players.

    Please keep the feedback coming, it's exactly what we need!

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    Everyone who is playing 20 Dollar games is not playing to match beginners. They all want to winmoney. All Players who playing for 20$ (or hopfully in future 50$) is a Professional Pool-Player. Beginners can play for 1-5$.

    The only ranking you can make is over the stakes (only in pool, not straight pool)
    It should be clear for every real money pool player, that a 20$ game is not created to play against other new beginners.

    I had for some weeks ( as excample with 3000$ winnings / 1. Place = 500$) over 45 running 20$ at the same time! its just a farce.

    Dont try to regulate a ranking in a game without points.

    And now to your jackpots seriosly...dont give a cashback jackpot for playing much games. For this case is the Skillz- ticketz available. Easy Cashback for anyone.
    Increase the Jackpott for Straightpool or Speedpool. Thats a fair Jackpott for everyone.

    The other Jackpot is just unfair and has nothing to do with skill!

    If you want to make very nice jackpots...then make real 8 Ball Pool tournaments.
    If you want to make very nice jackpots...then make real 8 Ball Pool tournaments!
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    Hey @aboutriot1, @giggitygintz,

    This is a difficult situation for us, we agree totally that there could be far better league structure and payout structure but Skillz is a generic platform and doesn't provide such features *yet*. We are working with Skillz to improve this as this is what we want also.

    Ideally we'd want more traditional tournaments where players compete against against each other to determine the winner based on best play, and have different tournaments for different skill levels.

    We'd happily put $50 games in today but we're concerned that it would introduce even more difficulty in getting matched (fragmenting the player base more).

    I have spoken to Skillz about the issues you see with the lower payout for the top 3 positions and they are

    Also, what's your thoughts on Speed Pool (we've just enabled it so it's live now) I assume the $1 tournament won't be overly attractive to you. But I figured the fast play time would be attractive the the pro's.

    Would you like to $50 Speed Pool tournaments?

    Edit: One important aspect of the recent changes to the payout structure is that if it engages more players in cash play (which you'd expect would be the case since there are more chances to win cash) then this *should* improve the matching (larger pool and quicker matching) which in turn should improve the game for all involved since the prize pool would also increase proportionally, etc.

  • 50$ speeedpool tournaments are good.
    the new pro league jackpott system is better then the old one in my oppinion.
    make a speedpool weekly jackpott or something ... speed pool is good. but could you think about the fire-red colours? red balls and a red floor isnt the best choice.

  • Hallo @aboutriot1,

    I'm glad you like the new jackpot system better.

    The next release (out very soon) will address any issues with table colours :)

    Yeah, we're currently negotiating with Skillz to have some more event types.

    Thanks again for the feedback - it's always welcome!

  • hi larku,

    please remember that everyone who is playing 20$ or 50$ games is a pro!
    the ranking has to be flat....beginners should only play the low money games.
    this sound like a arrogant position, but it isnt...

    50$ 8 ball is not so good, cause the luck factor on the break is too high.
    or you increase it to a best of 5!

    i really like your new floor option :)
    i hope it will the same choosing system like the cue- choice.
    and i want to see the floor colour from my opponent in the replay :-)

    and bye the way thx for the best available online pool platform!
  • Hey @aboutriot1,

    That's an interesting point about 8 ball - especially since it's the highest stakes game we currently have. That is excellent feedback, thanks.

    I may have mislead you regarding the floor option - we're currently allowing a colour hue shift to be applied to each room via the in-game settings menu. So, the pattern will remain the same but any colour can be selected.

    I get the point regarding the higher stakes games being for pros. Matching is all handled by Skillz so I'll bring this up with them to see if they can make some improvements here.

    We're really glad you like the game. We value the opinion of our players and want to give them the best possible experience - which is why we welcome all criticism and feedback.

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