Nine ball at highest skill bracket

Nine ball at highest skill bracket is the dumbest thing ever. The person who breaks will ALWAYS be up 1-0 with a side break and combo on the 9. It's too easy to not break and run. Thats not the real flaw with nine ball on Skillz though. If someone plays 50 games and is waiting for opponents, he will always win the match. There is no cap to how many times you can play into someone's break


  • Hey @choob,

    We understand where you're coming from. We have implemented an "expert mode" to address these problems. The expert mode has less aids and it is far less likely to run the table - it's a LOT more like real pool with respects to difficulty.

    We expect to have this available to cash games soon.

  • Do you have any type of time frame for “soon”? I remember a post from 5 or 6 months ago where expert mode was coming soon. I recently stopped playing because of the luck factor and it being way too easy to run. Most of the time I play against one of two people and they already have a game started and are 1-0.
  • Hey @B_Dirty,

    I understand the frustration but I'm not able to give a time frame, but I'll push harder to get things moving!

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