$100 prize Money ball tournament

The matchup system is flawed for this tournament sometimes can get two-3 a day in one day other times it takes 5 days or refund entry fee. Come on now there's way to many players playing in these for one just to be forgotten about
Does anyone else have this problem
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  • Hi @sladeanator,

    Thanks for contacting us regarding this. These tournaments are managed by Skillz. Are you able to submit a support request to support@skillz.com and they'll be able to look into it for you.

    It sounds like something is not right there.

  • Yes sir I have contacted Kane and a couple more guys asking about this issue. It's frustrating. I'm tier 6 / VIP and as of right this moment I have 3-$20 games 3-$10 games 4-$5 games and a couple of $1 games the $15 tournament which goes fairly quickly and a money ball that are all looking for someone to compete against. Which is completely insane
  • Hi @sladeanator,

    I totally understand your frustration. Unfortunately the Skillz matching algorithms are not something we end developers have exposure to and we have no influence over how it works.

    I wish I could do more to assist but only Skillz can help here.

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