Game start up

I am having trouble playing your game. I have done all the necessary steps but when I go to play the game it backs out and goes back to the play or tutorial screen. I am playing on a mobile device.


  • Can't play it keeps going back to the play or tutorial screen.
  • Hey @Jonathanlemons,

    Not sure what problem your running into there, but the tutorial will be shown before each game until it's been dismissed - after which the game will commence.

    Is that what you're seeing?

  • I thought the same about the tutorial so I completed it but there was no change. I'm still going back to the screen to pick play or tutorial
  • Hey @Jonathanlemons,

    Just trying to work out what's going wrong there..

    I'll walk through the steps I take, can you tell me where things fail?

    1) Open game
    2) Click the big PLAY button at the very start of the game
    3) Skillz UI launches
    4) Goto "GAMES"
    5) Choose game type (eg 'straight pool challenge')
    6) Skillz matching screen matches you with opponent
    7) Game starts

    Which step fails for you?
  • After the skillz ui. The skillz ui comes up then before anything can be pressed it backs out to the press play screen again. I have never gotten to step 4.
  • Hmmm, which device and operating system are you using there?

    Note, if your device is either rooted or jail broken then it's unlikely to run.
  • A tmobile LG Stylus 2 plus
  • Another question I have is how much would I have to pay to have this game work at grade A+ quality when I do start playing the game? I am interested in playing regularly if the application does not cause frustration.
  • It should work perfectly on your phone.

    There is no cost associated with playing this game - all features are available for all players. The only time money is needed is if you want to compete against others for cash prizes. But you can play all games for free.

    I'm puzzled why the game will not launch into Skillz on your device though.

    Could you possibly submit a support request to as they may have a solution (it's their software component that's not launching).

  • I will delete the game and go back to your latest update for android. Then if I get the same results I will contact support.
  • I have contacted skillz support with no reply. Would you please send me the proper path to take. My phone operating system is a 7.0.0.
  • Hey @Jonathanlemons,

    They may one or two business days to reply.

    Other than that I'm not sure what other options you have - I wouldn't normally as a user for this, but if your able to get a "logcat" off the device that shows why it crashes, I may be able to find out why. Though, it's not an appropriate thing to as a player for since it requires a bit of work to get (and requires a bit of technical know how)

    This search will give a lo of info on how to do this:

    But really, I don't expect you to go through all that, just giving you the option in case that interests you!

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