I won the Leap Arts Charity, but i didnt got the Pricemoney

More than one week ago...and im still missing 1.000.000 Ticketz.
Skillz is for the ass!!


  • Hey @aboutriot1,

    What did Skillz support say? I'm sure you'll get your Ticketz, Skillz are always good for their prizes!

  • got it, after 1,5 weeks...

    wtf - so bad...
  • Hey @aboutriot1,

    Great to hear! Well done by the way!

    1.5 weeks - not fantastic, but not crazy either.. I'm with you, immediate winnings would be the ideal. I have no idea why it'd take so long, but there's no doubt some reason we're not aware of.. Who knows!

    Great that you won and got your winnings!
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