after turn location, Insufficient founds report

Good day,

So far I only played free games for "z" coins. When I received a 2 dollar bonus, I had to turn on localization on my smartphone so I could play for real money. Now I'm not playing anymore. I have a dollar, I have tickets and a "z" coin. But he still writes "Insufficient Founds" and I can not play. Please help. I play from Slovakia. Is this a problem? Thank you and sorry for my English.

Tomas, Slovakia, Ruzomberok


  • Yes it could be the problem.
    Cashgames are not allowed in many countrys.
    if you turn your account into a realmoney account, your account could be blocked for that reason.
  • Hey @DonMorello,

    The best thing to do is submit a support request to Skillz on and they'll let you know what the issue is.

  • support help me, but i have another problem. Why i have conflict error 409 when i play money game?

    Free game work. I write to support skillz, but they not respond me.

    (sorry for my english)


  • Hey @DonMorello,

    Are you still getting the 409 error?

    Unfortunately all cash play is handled by Skillz. Perhaps you could send them another support email asking again? If they don't reply again, I'll see if my Skillz contacts can assist at all.

  • Its okay, problem solved, but i have another problem :D I start the game and the game its freezed. And my money in the game are freezed. Its possible to end the game? Thanks
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